Craft AHM-1x Automatic Hanger Machine (New) NE-121120A


SKU: NE-121120A

Craft AHM-1x Automatic Hanger Machine

Used to install various types of hardware backings for pictures (backer boards , not to the frame) : hangers and hinges.

Simple, Fast, and Accurate are the cornerstones that the AHM-1X is built upon. Craft Inc has evaluated the hundreds of AHM machines that have been in the field for the past 25 years and are very proud of the most recent updates and improvements. Increasing production rates, faster cycling times, reducing downtime while making set up faster and easier were the areas that our engineering staff focused on. Streamlined electronics, simplified controls, and a redesigned guard system makes machine maintenance even easier. Set up times are drastically reduced with our new quick change coils and digital positioning indicator system.

As innovators of coil fed hardware, we have learned it is better to stamp our hangers without any rosettes.This process allows more hangers to fit per coil while allowing longer production runs between coils. Forming the rosettes in the application tooling also reduces scratching while on the coil. Our part cut off design also places the burr downward into the backing material eliminating a sharp edge.

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December 11, 2020