D&K Expression 160 Mechanical Press (New) Item # NE-031220B

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D&K Expression 160 Mechanical Press

The Expression® (EXP) 160 Mechanical Press is designed to provide consistent heat and uniform pressure for mounting, laminating, or texturing items including photos, plaques, and artwork. The 160 Mechanical Press features an easy-to-use temperature control knob for setting adjustments. The 160 Mechanical Press is a dependable workhorse designed to process large pieces up to 30” wide by any length.


Temperature control knob.
Capable of finishing pieces even larger than the press itself.
Durable framework.
U/L listed.

Working Capacity: 15.5” x 18.5” (can process up to 30” wide)
Dimensions: 19” x 23” x 11”
Shipping Weight: 60 lbs
Power: 115V AC, 8.7 Amps

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March 12, 2020




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