D&K Expression (Vacuseal Bienfang) 4468H Vacuum Press Parts and Accessories (New) Item # NFE-299

SKU: NFE-299

D&K Expression (Vacuseal Bienfang) 4468H Vacuum Parts & Accessories

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Vacuum Press is the preferred choice of professionals. The Vacuum Press offers a space-saving work surface and the option of processing several pieces of varying size and thickness simultaneously. Complete with digital display and touch pad controls, it is guaranteed to provide years of service with its durable framework and built-to-last construction.

If there are parts or accessories that you are looking for that aren’t listed below, please let us know!

    • SKU: NFE-424        (2165)                     4468H Floor Stand
    • SKU: NFE-299A     (TS1105024)          Tacking Iron Outlet
    • SKU: NFE-299B     (TS1122087)          Solenoid
    • SKU: NFE-299C     (TS1122092)          Pump Elbow
    • SKU: NFE-299D     (TS1123013)          Side Latch
    • SKU: NFE-299E     (TS1124013)          Gas Spring
    • SKU: NFE-299F     (TS1202052)          Accessory Plug – Pump
    • SKU: NFE-299G     (TS1306026KIT)    Solid State Relay
    • SKU: NFE-299H     (TS1308041)         20AMP Breaker Switch
    • SKU: NFE-299J      (TS1106047)          Conduit Strain Relief
    • SKU: NFE-299AB   (TS2302089)        Heater
    • SKU: NFE-299K      (TS2304092)        Power Board
    • SKU: NFE-299L      (TS2304093)        Control Board
    • SKU: NFE-299M     (TS40030)            Hinge Screws
    • SKU: NFE-299AJ   (TS5214008)         Vent Cloth
    • SKU: NFE-299O     (TS5304026)         Ribbon Cable
    • SKU: NFE-299P     (TS6208075)         Sensor Assembly                         
    • SKU: NFE-299Q     (TS6299126KIT)   Current Pump – Thomas
    • SKU: NFE-299R     (TS6299139)          Side Latch Retrofit Kit
    • SKU: NFE-299AC  (TS6299114KIT)    Diaphram Assembly
    • SKU: NFE-299AK  (TS6201142KIT)    Top Cover Replacement
    • SKU: NFE-299AL   (TS5612019)          Platen Kit
    • SKU: NFE-299AM  (TS5704014KIT)  Formica/Honey Comb
    • SKU: NFE-299T      (TS5304027)         Wiring Harness
    • SKU: NFE-299U     (TS1068010)          Ball Studs
    • SKU: NFE-299W    (TS1103010)          Leveling Feet
    • SKU: NFE-299V     (TS1126015)           C-Clips
    • SKU: NFE-299X     (TS5099023)         Manifolds
    • SKU: NFE-299AD  (TS2205045)         Foam Strips Frt/BK – Long
    • SKU: NFE-299AE  (TS2205046)         Foam Strips Sides – Short
    • SKU: NFE-299AN  (TS1221008)         Ceramic #8 Wire Nut – Heater
    • SKU: NFE-299AO  (TS511009)            Top Insulation (3 PCS)
    • SKU: NFE-299AA  (TS1106046)          Conduit Connectors

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July 19, 2018


North Carolina


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