Equipment Lot: Geo Knight MAXI-4464AP (4064) Press, Rayzist Sand Carving, Gorteks Pom Pom Machine & Supplies (used) Item # UE-042821D (Arizona)

SKU: UE-042821D

Equipment Lot: Geo Knight MAXI-4464AP Press, Rayzist Sand Carving, Gorteks Pom Pom Machine & Supplies

From the seller: “All equipment in this lot are in good working condition unless otherwise specified below.”

Lot Price: $ Call

Machines can be purchased individually.  See below for pricing.


UE-042821D-3 Gorteks Pom Pom Machine $ Call for Pricing

Model GRP


HPB Blower

Includes table and stand




UE-042821D-4 Cobalt Laser and Pad Printer $ Call for Pricing



UE-042821D-1 Geo Knight  MAXI-4464AP (4064) Large Format Sublimation Heat Press $ Call for Pricing (Sold)

From the seller: “Set it and press your garments or metal items. Great condition.”

Size: 40 x 64″

Top Heat

Auto Press

Single Shuttle

Works with an air compressor


***From the Manufacturer

The MAXI•PRESS is a multipurpose large format manual heat transfer press intended for the imprinting of a vast range of different materials. The MAXI•PRESS combines an oversized platen with a low production oriented framework with a single loading table configuration. It is available in two different heater block sizes: 32″ x 42″ and 44″ x 64″. The gas shock counter springs provide a weightless and effortless operation of the press. The Digital Knight state-of-the-art control systemaccurately regulates all aspects of the electrical functions of the press, freeing the operator for the main goal of material imprinting.

Ideal applications that the MAXI•PRESS has performed flawlessly include: large fabrics & piece goods, full-bleed printed sportswear panels, banners, floor mats, carpets, mouse pads and more. The MAXI•PRESS strongly supports sublimation transfer processes, as well as digitally produced transfers, and laminating processes.

SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology
Ultra thick heater block assembly
Solid steel pressure bars
Heavy steel frame structures
Unique heavy duty linkage assembly
Even & Adjustable applied pressure
Adjustable platen height
Solid lower platen base
Self leveling heater block assembly
Solid loading bed with ultra thick nomex padding
Automatic start/stop/reset timer – hands free operation
Heavy duty locking casters for easy movability and solid support
Weightless ease of use due to gas shock hydraulic self contained springs

No air required
44×64: 208V-230V, 18000W, 1PH, 85A, 100A breaker recommended
32×42: 208V-230V, 9000W, 1PH, 43A, 50A breaker recommended

George Knight Company Heat Presses



UE-042821D-2 Rayzist Sand Carving Machine $ Call for Pricing (Sold)


***From the manufacturer:

Ergonomic Design
Exclusive ergonomic design adjusts vertically to fit users allowing you to work comfortably and more productively. It can also be used as a sit down model.

VORTEX Technology
VORTEX technology automatically separates the usable abrasive from the unusable abrasive, maximizing the recycle rate of your blasting media.

During blasting, VORTEX sends the abrasive into an airwash, which automatically filters the finest dust particles and debris from the usable abrasive. The dust and debris are directed into the HEPA filtration system, ultimately ending up in the disposable liner; the usable abrasive is redirected back into your system for reuse.

HEPA Filtration
The Premium Dust Collector incorporates 15 sq. ft. of efficient HEPA filtration and separation. Built-in HEPA filtration allows for separation and capture of 99.7% of the dust particles as you are sandcarving. As a result, your sandcarving work area remains cleaner at all times.

Clear Disposable Liner
This accessible, removable clear liner stores your unusable abrasive until you are ready to throw it out. The clear liner is attached to the lower chamber of the Premium Dust Filtration System; because the bag is transparent, you can easily see when it needs to be emptied.

Mechanical Shaker
Automatically removes excess debris from filtration bags.

100% Seam-welded
The system is built to last for years, 100% seam-welded, 14 & 16 gauge steel construction.

Epoxy powder coating on entire interior and exterior of cabinet.

Padded Arm Rests
The padded arm rests prevent stress to your forearms and provide added comfort while sandcarving.

Gloveless Sleeves
The large gloveless sleeves are made of a lightweight polyurethane, for easy mobility and handling of your products while sandcarving.

Dual Recessed Halogen Lights
The dual recessed halogen lighting provides the brightest lit sandcarving workspace on the market.

Oversized Viewing Window
24″ x 12″ laminated safety glass provides superior visibility while sandcarving. The oversized viewing window can easily be replaced.

Exclusive Air Curtain
The Exclusive Max Flow Air Curtain directs air across your viewing window to remove dust and ensure maximum visibility while sandcarving. This process is made possible by a vent above the viewing window. Also, helps repel dust and overspray from your viewing window.

Full Size Dual Door Entry
The double-door entry provides easy access from both sides of the cabinet, and a large unrestricted space for moving the items in and out.

Locking Caster Wheels
Locking wheels give you the flexibility to move your system when required.

Heavy Duty Blasting Hose
The 10 ft. heavy duty hose is flexible and provides adequate sand flow and longer blasting usage.

Right and Left Hose Holes
The blasting hose can be used from the right or left side, so the system is as convenient for left-handed sandcarvers as it is for right-handed sandcarvers.

Foot Switch Valve
This new footswitch valve provides longer performance and is very low maintenance in comparison to the former footswitch valve. It also optimizes air and sand flow to your hoses.

Pressure Pot
This 50 lb., ASME-certified pressure vessel houses the abrasive. It automatically filters out debris to prevent clogging. Our exclusive 45 degree angle design allows for a more consistent sandflow.

Centrifugal Air Exchange Motor
1/3 HP 3,450 rpm motor with die cast aluminum housing and radial blades.

Interior Air Suction
740 CFM interior airflow suction.

Carbide Nozzle
The durable 3/32 in. carbide nozzle is versatile and easy to use for any sandcarving project. It comes with an adapter and O-ring.

Pressure Regulator/Water Separator
This unit regulates the amount of air pressure and sand flow (PSI) being sent to your blasting hose/nozzle and efficiently separates the water content. We have combined the two functions into one unit to minimize space. Standard features include an auto-relieving moisture drain to remove water drops and oil from compressed air, a push-down locking adjustment knob to change pressure settings, pressure gauge, liquid level indicator and manual relieving valve.

Tech Support
Unlimited Technical Support and lifetime warranty on cabinet construction.




This item can be picked up in Arizona or shipped for an additional fee.



***  Check with the manufacturer with any difference between what is being advertised and detail of the newest generation machine.

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All used items are sold “As Is”. There are no implied warranties or guarantees. Statement of condition is provided to us by the seller. Although we strive to obtain the best information from the seller, AIM is not responsible for inaccuracies provided to us by seller. It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect machinery; crosscheck with seller or manufacturer regarding descriptions and specifications that appear in this listing.

Date of Initial Listing

April 28, 2021




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