Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine (New) Item # NE-042120A

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Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine

Specializing in Disposable Surgical / Medical Masks

We provide shipping, installation, training and US based support; serving USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Help protect our healthcare and other front line fighters with our medical mask making machines. Demand is at an all-time high. Manufacturers are coming together and switching their production to PPE (personal protective equipment) to help keep us safe. This high-precision machine takes your material and processes it into a flat medical mask all within one production line.

With it’s intuitive, easy-to-use software, a few days of training is all you’ll need. You’ll no longer have the task of trying to find skilled workers with a background in the PPE industry, which we know has become the biggest obstacle across all manufacturing industries.

Give us a call at 330-405-9421 or email us at and we can figure your specific needs and show you the fastest return on investment on one of our automatic mask making machine.


Fully Automatic: takes your material and creates a mask all within one line.

Production Speed: 60-80 pieces per minute

High Quality: Premium ultrasonic welding machine produces consistent and precision results

Ease of Use: Modular design is simple to use and low maintenance

Auto Stop: Troubleshooting and alarm for material breaking and errors

Reduced Power Consumption and Noise: Energy efficient servo motor design



Cloth folding

Nose clip wrapping

Ultrasonic welding the edge seams

Ear loop strap cutting & welding

Final product stacking and discharging

Video of Machine in Operation

Video #2 of Machine in Operation

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April 21, 2020




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