Gluefast Hot Melt Adhesive (New) Item # NE-031620C

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Gluefast Hot Melt Adhesive

For use with Gluefast, Potdevin, Schaefer, many other brands of gluers

Hot Melt adhesives are made from various combinations of resin (ethylene vinyl acetate for example), and wax along with other materials. The adhesive is applied hot and bonds as it cools. The cost per pound is more than with water based adhesives, but the speed of set is often so much faster that the increase production rates warrant its use.

Hot Melt AdhesivesHot melt adhesives generally are less pervious to water than water based products, but they are also more sensitive to temperature changes. For example, most hot melt adhesives become very brittle when exposed to cold temperatures, and they begin to soften at temperatures above 160°F.

Applications include automatic labeling, case and carton sealing, product assembly, padding, pallet stabilization, and more.

Hot melt adhesives come in sticks for use in glue guns or bulk for automatic applicators.

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March 16, 2020




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