Gravograph Energy 8 Laser Engraver (used) Item # UE-48


SKU: UE-48

Gravograph Energy 8 Laser Engraver

From the seller: “This engraver is in Very Good Working Condition. I bought it new  from Gravograph in 2017. I used for 1 year and has less than 100 hours on it. Used mainly on wood.”

This Package Includes:

2016 GRAVOGRAPH Energy 8 Laser Engraver – 25 Watt
GravoStyle Discovery Software
Water Chiller
Cylindrical attachment
Air assist pump
High efficiency filtration system Exhaust
Custom made compact Stand


Price  $ 8,600

This machine can be picked up in Virginia or have it shipped for an additional fee.


From the manufacturer (crosscheck with manufacturer)

Gravograph Mechanical Engraving / Energy 8

Are you looking for industrial strength laser engraving equipment for your company or business? The Energy 8 is the laser solution designed to help you grow your business.

  • Laser Source – rated @ 10,000 hours MTBF o Easy to replace source – 15 minute replacement time. o Chiller device is included to control over temperature and under flow laser water cooling to assure consistant engraving and cutting.

  • Material Calibration in Driver o Take the guesswork out of setting the right speed and power for new materials o Creates engraved grid to choose optimal settings

  •  Includes Laserstyle Discovery Engraving Software Designed For Lasers o Easy and efficient matrix layouts

  • Saves power and speed settings with job saves for fast and efficient job retrival o Can use 3rd party software like Corel Draw, Adobe illustrator, and others.

  •  Ergonomic Design

  • Lift the cover and the work table is right in front of you for easy loading and unloading o Can operate from a chair

  •  Raised easy to use LCD readout to prompt you for next job o Stores up to 100 jobs in the machine for efficiency

  • Red Beam Laser Pointer to speed up set-up time on difficult to engrave work o Point and shoot layout to make job layout a snap

  • Cast construction for maintaining accuracy and a long life o Built to Gravograph Specifications for high quality and long life – Best in its class.

  • 4 Z-Axis lead screws to maintain table stability and focus in all 4 corners of engraving area

  • Supports up to 33 lbs

  • Lit interior for easy viewing

  • Driver allows you to laser from top to bottom, or bottom to top o Bottom to top lasering, keeps lasered area clean, requiring less cleanup when job complete

  • Wide heavy duty belts for long life, and minimize down time (cost).

  • Cylindrical attachment availiable. Holds objects up to 5.1”Diameter with 7” Max Tilt.

  • Plumbed for air assist (Already integrated in laser) – just need to add compressor o Air assist reduces flame-up

  • 5.71” Z-Axis clearance for holding larger pieces

  • Mirrors and lenses easy to access for quick cleaning

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Condition of Item

Very Good Working

Date of Initial Listing

December 14, 2018




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