Fletcher (ITW) AMP U300 (VN2+1) Frame Joiner (New w/ Warranty) Item # NFE-21


Fletcher (ITW) AMP U300 (VN2+1) Frame Joiner / Vnailer  / Underpinner

Factory New w/ Warranty

The U-300 is a bench-top, frame joining machine and the most popular model of custom framer, sign and graphic shops. It is compact, well constructed, and built for many years of trouble free operation. The design of the U-300 allows the operator to set the front and back measuring stops for V-Nail insertion. The frame is then moved across the nail head and V-Nails are driven or stacked anywhere along the frame joint. The V-Nail insertion is actuated through the use of a pneumatic pedal.

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From the Manufacturer’s Website:

U-300 Purchase Package
(1)7mm Nail Head
(1)10mm Nail Head
(1)12mm Nail Head
(1)Single Vertical Positive Placement Clamp
(1)Single Metal Pressure Plate
(1)Magnetic Support for Vertical Placement Clamp
(1)Blue Rubber Pads (SW)
(1)Yellow Rubber Pads (MW)
(1)Black Rubber Pads (HW)
(1)4mm Allen Wrench
(1)5mm Allen Wrench
(1)Magnetic V-Nail Pick-up Tool
(1)Machine Manual

Compressed Air 4NI at 5 Bar

CE Compliant

Unique Performance Features

  • Features pneumatic loader to eliminate nail jams
  • “Soft Clamping” pneumatic feature for damage free joints
  • Quick-change, magnetic pad hold down feature fitting most moulding profiles
  • Small table-top footprint needed – 19” (485mm) wide x 18” (456mm) length x 14” (356mm) high
  • Operates only with pneumatic air, no electrical hook-up needed
  • Dual function foot pedal for separate control of mould clamping and V-Nail insertion
  • Designed with a unique, trouble free piston V-Nail driver block-blade system for years of dependable single and multi-stacking operations
  • Moulding Width
    (min to max)

    Moulding Height
    (min to max)

    Max Distance
    Between V-Nails

    ¼” up to 3 3/4”
    (6-60 mm)

    ¼” up to 3 ¼”
    (6-80 mm)

    3 1/4” (80 mm)

    Pre-set V-Nail
    Position Stops

    V-Nail Sizes

    V-Nail Channel


    5, 7,10,12,15 mm

    220 V-Nails/channel

Width18 ¾” (480mm)
Length11 ¾” (300mm)
Height11 ¾” (300mm)
Weight70lbs. (32kg.)

Video of Machine in Operation

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