Morso Chopper Replacement Knives / Blades (Factory New) Item # NFE-252

SKU: NFE-252

Morso Chopper Replacement Knives / Blades

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These genuine factory Morso Blades coming from Denmark will fit all Morso Choppers or for those that were private labeled for other companies such as Pistorius Machine.

From the manufacturer:

We only supply knives of very high quality with a hardness of HR64. Therefore the knives have an extremely long life, and contains more cuts than any other knife available in the market. Up to 20 mm of steel to be resharpend, so any Morso knife will last years.  Be aware that it is extremely important that the knives must be hollow ground, otherwise you might have a result which is not as good as before.

Please note: The standard knife set 0301 fits Morso F, Morso F de-luxe, Morso F plus Ten, Morso FC, Morso H and Morso EH. Please be aware that the Morso original standard knives do not fit on Jyden and Schleicher mitring machines.



SKU Number: NFE-252A   Standard Blades  $350 per set ( #0301)

Standard 10″ blades

Standard Blade Style Used By Most Framers



Reversible Blades: $470 per set (Maximum cutting width for standard double ended reversible knives are approx 40 mm or 1 35 / 64″)  (# 0500 )

Reversible blades are a better value if one ONLY cuts moulding that is 2.5” or narrower, because when they become dull, you can swap the left and right blades for each other and have a new, sharp cutting edge.



SKU Number: NFE-252B   Morso EH-XL Replacement Blades: $620 Per Set  ( # 0305 )

Extra large knives for Morso EHXL mitring machine. The knives contain five holes and fits only the Morso EHXL machine. Made in the way and from the same type of steel as the standard Morso 0301 knives securing extremely long life. Like the standard knives the EHXL knives must be hollow ground in order to maintain a perfect 45 degree cut.

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March 5, 2018

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