Morso EHXL Guillotine Chopper (Used) Item # UFE-3191


SKU: UFE-3191

Morso EHXL Guillotine Chopper

From the seller ” This Morso EH XL Chopper is in good working condition. No wastage,No dust, cuts Perfect miters. Great for a small frame shop, that doesent want to deal with saw dust.”

Manufactured in 2014

Newly sharpened blades

Price $8,500

This machine can be picked up in California or shipped for an additional fee.

Manufacturer’s Information:

Morso Model EHXL mitring machine is a fully automatic electric/hydraulic mitring machine, with a noise level below 70db – the perfect machine to cut picture mouldings in production – wooden, plastic and MDF mouldings.

In principle Morso EHXL does the same work as the Morso EH, but with the Morso EHXL you have your work done automatically by pushing two push buttons.

The Morso EHXL is safe to operate as you must activate both push buttons at the same time to have the machine work, and therefore you cannot get your fingers underneath the knives. With the Morso EHXL you can do production work all day long.

The Morso EHXL is available with three phase motor, voltage to your requirements. Single phase motor can be supplied on inquiry.

Technical data for
Morso Model EHXL Mitring Machine
Double mitre45°
Cutting width, max.150 mm
Cutting height, max.250 mm
De-Luxe measuring scale up to2,500 mm
Motor, three phase1.5 kW, 3.3 Amps
Net weight278 kg
Pumping capacity11.2 litre/min
Working pressure80 bar
Power transmission660 kg
Tank contents8 litre
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December 12, 2018




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