Picture Framing Equipment Lot: Mitre Mite VN42 Vnailer & Morso Chopper (Used) Item # UE-081621D (Texas)

SKU: UE-081621D

Picture Framing Equipment Lot: Mitre Mite VN42 Vnailer & Morso Chopper

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    • SKU # UE-081621D-2 Morso Chopper $1,150

Sold Items in Lot:

    • SKU # UE-081621D-1 ITW AMP VN42 Vnailer / Joiner / Underpinner

From the seller: “All equipment in this lot are in good working condition unless otherwise specified below.”

Machines can be purchased as a lot or individually.  See below for individual item pricing.

UE-081621D-1 ITW AMP VN42 Vnailer / Joiner / Underpinner   $1,400 Reduced ! (Sold)

From the seller ” The joiner is operational. The underpinner’s foot pedal is not in perfect condition. We use a clamp to make it work properly. We replaced Ratchet handle for hold down with a bolt to secure the hold down rod in place. It is functional but the future owner may want to order  replacement parts at some point. Part # 334000051 Hold Down Rod / Part # 243170010 Ratchet for hold down. Part # 732290002 Foot Pedal, Touch lever, Push button Control valve, all of which can be ordered through this site. Of course, verify with tech support prior to ordering.

***Manufacturer’s Information:

The Mitre-Mite VN 42 has been designed for ease of operation and is particularly well suited for assembling larger frames. This machine comes with a height adjustable base and has a convenient tilt / roll feature which allows for easy movement around the shop. it can be operated from the front or back and has a dual stage foot pedal which allows the framer to see if the corner is properly aligned before nailing. After the framer sets the stops, the hand lever is then used to position the nail head for driving or stacking V-Nails’ any where along the frame joint.

MACHINE SIZE: Width 14″ / Length 19″ / Height 33 to 43″” / Weight 150 lbs

Power Source: Pneumatic

FRAMING CAPABILITY: Frame Width 3/8″ to 6 1/2″ / Frame Height 1/4″ to 4 1/2″

NAIL SIZES: 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 mm

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Wood Support Table, Metal extension wings,

UE-081621D-2 Morso Chopper  $1,150
From the seller ” In good working condition”

*** From the manufacturer:

Morso Model F Mitering Machine (Price new is $3,500 USD / about $4,500 CAD)

Morso Model F mitring machine cuts double mitre at 45° and single mitre up to 90°. Tenon, mortise joints, and a wide variety of angled cuts can also be made.

When using the Morso F, you will have no dust compared to a saw. Also, the waste of your moulding will be minimized as Morso F cuts double mitres very close, ( less than one mm waste of moulding ).

The mitre saw cannot do the mitres as close, and therefore the waste by using a saw, will always be minimum one centimetre.

One centimetre of waste does not sound of much, but if a calculation is done of 100 cuts a day, it actually turns out that the waste over a year is 260 meters waste of moulding…. ( That is only with 100 cuts a day…)

Morso F leaves the cut surface of the wood perfectly smooth and accurate, requiring no further preparation before joining. The horizontal movement of the knife block is stepwise adjustable. The sliding longitudinal stop and measuring scale ensure accurate repeat work.

The special lever system of the machine ensure a very easy operation. Twin return springs automatically bring the knives back to starting position.

Morso F is delivered with safety guard, waste chute, sliding longitudinal stop, measuring scale, adjustable fences ( 45° – 90° ), and adjustable rebate supports.

Morso F is manually operated with a foot pedal – needs no compressor or electricity and can therefore be operated anywhere.

Technical data for
Morso Model F Mitring Machine
Double mitre 45°
Single mitre up to 90°
Cutting width, max. 100 mm
Cutting height, max. 160 mm
Square cutting 65/65 mm
Measuring scale up to 1,500 mm
Net weight 90 kg

Customers can pick these items up in Texas or have them shipped for an additional fee.
*** Although we strive for accuracy, some specifications are provided to us by seller. It is a good idea to double check specifications by manufacturing company for possible errors of information. Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.  Feel free to call us if you have further questions before purchasing.
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August 16, 2021




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