Picture Framing Equipment Lot (used) Item # AGFS-48 (Pennsylvania)



Picture Framing Equipment Lot

  • Used by picture framers & artist

Great for an additional location or new business venture!

From the seller: “All equipment in this lot are in good working order.”

Lot Price:  $ 16,500

Items can also be purchased individually as shown below

AGFS-48a Wizard 9000 CMC Mat Cutter  Price  $ 7,495

From the Seller – Includes:
Includes computer , monitor, keyboard, mouse, and table cover.
Cutter Stand & Computer Stand
Pen Tool
Extra blades
Software: Mat Designer 6.0.3

Wizard tech support report: No problems reported; record show only periodic blade purchase and software updates.

Bought new in 2011

Total mats: 13,033  / Total Corners: 110,514

 Please note: All the manual, tutorial info, and help “desk” is online. It’s included on software that is on computer already and takes you to whatever you need online. Wizard may require you to re-register your computer for access. Additional service support packages available as an option.


*** From the manufacturer:

Wizard’s top of the line CMC offers advanced design options including: pen drawing, debossed lines & 4 bevel options to expand your creativity.

CMC Model 9000 highlights:

• Cut speed of up to 20 inches per second

• 4 blade cartridges: 45, 45+, 52 & 90 Degree

• Pen Tool, Debossing Cartridge Package, Vinyl Tool Starter Kit & Box Design Kit

• SwitchBlade™ technology for quick and easy snap-in cartridge changes – no tools required!

• FrameShop™ professional mat design software


• CMC Model 9000 (Full Size) or 9000S (Space-Saver™)
Full Size Accommodates 40″x60″ matboard
Space-Saver Accommodates 32’x40″ matboard

CMC Fixed Wall Mount

Computer—Lenovo All-In-One / Windows 10 / 8GB RAM

Wizard FrameShop™ Design & Cut Software License

45º Metal Cartridge w/License + 1 Box (100) Premium Blades

45º+ Metal Cartridge w/License + 1 Box (100) Premium Blades

52º Intricate Cut Cartridge w/License + 1 Box (50) Premium Blades

90º Straight Cut Cartridge w/License + 1 Box (50) Premium Blades

Wizard Professional Installation & Training

1-Year Wizard CMC Warranty

1-Year Computer Warranty (from Lenovo)

PREMIUM PACKAGE also includes:

Choice of Floor Stand, Retractable or Fixed Wall Mount

Computer Stand

Pen Tool Cartridge w/ License

Debossing Cartridge Package (3 Tip Sizes) w/ License

Box Design & Cutting Kit (Perforation Tool) w/ License
Vinyl Cutting Tool Kit w/ License

CutArt™ Volume 1 Library w/ License


AGFS-48b Print Mount Vacuum Press  Price $ 1,500

Model: PM/64

Working area: 66 x 44″

Includes: press, stand, and supplies & iron as shown

*** From the manufacturer:

The PM/SERIES Commercial Cold Vacuum Press has been the industry’s standard since 1977. It is the finest quality, high productivity / high performance cold vacuum press available.  It features the same durable, all-steel frame construction as the HS/SERIES, along with flush mounted automatic shut-off timer and vacuum gauge, easy-open gas spring operation, heavy duty vacuum pump and durable rubber diaphragm/gasket assembly.  Perfect for liquid mounting adhesives or vacuum mounting sprays, the PRINT MOUNT PM/SERIES Commercial Cold Vacuum Press will provide years of profitable, trouble-free mounting. The PRINT MOUNT PM/SERIES Commercial Cold Vacuum Press is available in three sizes to meet virtually all your mounting needs, 100” x 52” (254cm x 132cm) , 64” x 44” (162.5cm x 112cm) and 44” x 34” (112cm x 86cm).





Working Area              in

100 x 52

64 x 44

44 x 34


254 x 132

163 x 112

112 x 86

Overall Dimensions     in

105 x 56 x 8

69 x 48 ¼ x 8

49 x 39 x 8


267 x 142 x 21

175 x 122 x 21

124 x 99 x 21

Net Weight                  lbs








Shipping Weight          lbs








Power Requirement

120 V Standard

120 V Standard

120 V Standard

Air Evacuation Time

50 Seconds

45 Seconds

30 Seconds

AGFS-48c C&H BG6100 Multi-material Wall Cutter  Price $ 495

This wall mounted cutter is for cutting glass, matboard, and plexi-glass

CH BG6100 User Manual


AGFS-48d Dahle Paper Cutter   Price $ 450

Model 142

Type: Guillotine Blade

Blade Length / Size:  42″

*** Manufacturer’s info:

Dahle 42″ Large Format Guillotine Paper Cutter – Model 142
  • Cuts up to 40 sheets of paper at a time
  • Patented beveled blade made of Solingen Steel is lockable to prevent unauthorized use
  • Self-adjusting clamp holds material securely
  • Metal fan guard seperates hand from blade

The DAHLE ‘Safety First’ workshop guillotines are fully equipped for large format work. The foot operated clamp makes it easy for large drawings, sheets of art board or packaging grade materials to be quickly and accurately set up for cutting.

Industrial size guillotine equipped to handle large format work. Foot clamp holds material securely. Sturdy metal base with pre-printed guides. Self sharpening blade made of Solingen Steel. Acrylic safety guard. Adjustable backstop. Lockable blade to prevent injury. Equipped with a fold-up “cut-off” shelf.

43″ Cut, 30 sheet capacity, 53″ x 31″ table size.


AGFS-48e Pistorius EMN-12 Double Miter Saw   Price $ 1,500 each

Used by framers to cut picture frame moulding

There are 2 EMN12 saws available. Both have a measuring table and production stop, as well as a dust collection system

First is set up for wood moulding

The other is set up to cut metal moulding. This saw has a mister.

*** Manufacturer’s info for saw:

Cutting Capacity: 4 7/8″ W x 3 3/8″ H  Saw blade capacity: 12″ blades , Arbor 5/8″.   Air pressure requirements 65 PSI. Visit our resource page for operating manual.

This saw is widely used in the picture framing, as well as door and window manufacturing.


AGFS-48f Fletcher 3100 Multi-Material Cutter Price  $ 750

Fletcher 3100 Multi-Material Cutter will cut hardboard, Gator board, foam board, and mat board, and will score glass and plastic.

Includes: wall mounts, and extra blade

*** Manufacturer’s Information:

Fletcher 3100 Multi-Material Cutter will cut hardboard, Gator board, foam board, and mat board, and will score glass and plastic. Our versatile 3100 Multi-Material Cutter features a spring-loaded cutting assembly with an interchangeable pillar post allowing you the convenience of quickly switching from one material to another.

Wall-mounted machine available in 63″ cutting capacity

Cuts matboard and foamboard and up to 1/2″ (12.7mm) thick

Cuts hardboard (MDF) up to 3/32″ (2.4mm)

Scores glass and plastic up to 1/4″ (6.35mm)

Fletcher 3100 Multi-Material Cutter will cut hardboard, Gator board, foam board, and mat board, and will score glass and plastic.

Interchangeable Cutting Head Technology

Cuts clean, debris-free, no secondary processing

Optional laser sight line for accurate cutting

Mounts on wall or free-standing

Cuts wide range of substrates

Substrate Cutting Capabilities:

Glass Up to 1/4” (6mm)
Plastics & Acrylics 
Up to 1/4” (6mm)
Aluminum Sheets 
Up to .040”
Up to 3/32” (2.4mm)
 Up to .078” (2mm)
Gator Board 
Up to 1/2” (13mm)

Technical Specifications:

Vertical Cutting Capacity: 63″ (1.6m)

Cutting Head: Rides on high tensile strength steel, hard chrome plated and polished, resulting in smoother gliding action for consistent cutting head performance and longevity.

Vertical Bars: Rails do not bend or flex during the cutting process for straight, accurate cutting over the entire substrate height.

Material Clamping System: Patented lever-type clamping system that secures in place substrate heights up to 60″ (152cm) to prevent buckling and shifting of material during the cutting process.


AGFS-48g Assorted Matboard & Shelving Units / Storage Racks  Price  $ 1,250

Includes a large quantity of matboard, and racking system for ease of use, and storage

AGFS-48h Assorted Tool, Hardware, &  Supplies  $ 995

Daige Quikmount II Printer Roller / Cold Mounter Laminator

Daige Rollataq Adhesive System

*** From the manufacturer: The Daige Rollataq Adhesive System changes the way you assemble presentations, affix photos, apply labels, and mount posters. It eliminates the need for spray adhesives, rubber cement, coated film, and dry mounting.

48″ Craft Paper Dispenser w/ Partial roll of brown craft paper

Assorted framing hardware as shown in picture

Cans of Putties

AGFS-48i Assorted Moulding  $ Call for Pricing


AGFS-48j  UM 40″ Shrink Wrap Machines  $ Call for Pricing

United Manufacturers  Model:  SS-40DS

Includes: Extra Film


AGFS-48k Rand 4000 5HP Air Compressor Price $ 500
Manufactured by Ingersol Rand
Tank Mounted Air Compressor
Piston Type
AGFS-48L Assorted Moulding & Racking & Storage System  Price $ 1,500
AGFS-48M  Cassese CS 910 Joiner   Price $ 600
The Cassese CS810 Underpinner / Vnailer has been well maintained and in great working order!
Include a large supply of wedges
These items can be picked up in Pennsylvania or shipped for an additional fee.
*** Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.
Catalog Item #


Condition of Item

Good Working

Date of Initial Listing

May 29, 2019






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