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Printing Shop Lot

Lot Price: $2,000

Sold Items in Lot:

  • SKU # PSL-1a Fletcher FSC Cutter
  • SKU # PSL-1b Seal 62 Base Laminator

From the seller “All machines are in good working order unless otherwise specified below. “

Machines can be purchased as a lot or individually.  See below for individual item pricing.

PSL-1a Fletcher FSC Cutter  $ 995 (Sold)


***Manufacturer’s Information:

Heavy-duty cutter designed with an interchangeable cutting head platform that uses multiple cutting blades, scoring tips and cutting wheel holders. Includes a V-Groove Cutting Tool used with ACM material to allow bending and fabrication techniques. Cutter handles material sheets up to 65” high (1.65m), includes a laser sight line for cutting pre-printed graphics and is equipped with a twin handle cutting head for operator control and dexterity. Mounts on wall or freestanding installation.

Knife cutting blades and cutting wheels are manufactured to Fletcher specification requirements resulting in:

Better life and cutting performance
Blade to blade consistency
The elimination of “blade deflection” when cutting harder substrates

Multi Material Cutting Capabilities:

Aluminum Composites (ACM) up to 4mm
Aluminum Sheets up to .063″
Corrugated Plastics up to 1/2″ (13mm)
PVC and Foamboard up to 1/2″ (13mm)
Acrylics/Plexiglass up to 6mm
Glass/Mirrors up to 6mm
MDF up to 3/32″ (2.4mm)
Metal Cutting for Print to Metal Applications

Technical Specifications:

Horizontal Extrusion: Material loading from left side, equipped with a steel wear strip that is designed to maintain machine squareness over time.
Material Clamping System: Lever-type clamping system that secures in place substrates heights up to 65” (165cm) to prevent buckling and shifting of material during the cutting process.
The clamp system opens 5/8” (1.59cm) preventing damage of a pre-printed ½” (13mm) graphic when loading.
Cutter Head: Equipped with a twin handle feature for cutting control with rigid substrates.

PSL-1b Seal 62 Base Laminator  $ 1,100  (Sold)

*** From the Manufacturer & the Web 

SEAL® 62 Base-1 Laminator (MRSP $12,875)

The SEAL 62 Base is ideal for mounting and laminating pressure-sensitive graphics up to 61”, this machine represents a flexible package at an affordable price – without compromising its functionality. Equipped with adjustable pressure and speed settings for maximum versatility and a 2” nip opening to cover a wide range of substrates. The SEAL 62 Base is easy- to-us, and will deliver genuine flexibility and high performance levels for the small to medium sized user. The 62 Base is ETL and CE certified.

The Seal 62 Base features:

  • Heat assisted top roller for superb lamination performance
  • 61” working width to handle a wide range of media
  • Adjustable pressure and speed settings with maximum operating speed of 16.4’/minute
  • 2” nip with manual adjustment suitable for working with a sled for road signs
  • Auto-grip shafts for user friendly webbing
  • Swing-up feed table to facilitate easy set up
  • Foot switch for hands free operation
  • Self checking safety eyes for increased operator safety
  • Easy to use ergonomic control panel
  • Optional rear power take up for roll-to-roll applications including vehicle wraps
  • Optional image guide ensures perfect alignment and flat lamination
  • Optional roll trough keeps rolled prints in place before and during lamination
  • Optional leveling feet keeps the laminator stable for the highest quality finished product

The Seal Base 62 focuses on simplicity in design and affordability and is ideal for businesses wanting to expand laminating applications provided to their customers.

Speed Feet Per Minute16.4 fpm
Shipping Weight661 lbs
Machine Dimensions82″W x 52″H x 19″D
Weight530 lbs
Electrical Requirements115VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15A NEMA 5-20 plug
Adjustable Speed ControlYes
Reverse FunctionNo
Laminating TypeCold
Max. Laminating Width61″
Control PanelLED

These items can be picked up in New Hampshire or shipped for an additional fee.
*** Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.
Catalog Item #


Condition of Item

Good Working

Date of Initial Listing

May 29, 2019


New Hampshire




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