Picture Framing Equipment Lot: Gunnar 601 CMC, Gunnar 3001XL, Compressors (used) Item # UE-022820A (Idaho)

SKU: UE-022820A

Picture Framing Equipment Lot / Business

Gunnar 601 CMC, Gunnar 3001XL, Compressors, etc.

Items in this lot are also available for individual purchase. 

Equipment that you need to start a production picture framing business.  Great for an additional location or new business venture!

From the seller: “All equipment in this lot are in good working condition unless specified differently.”

Lot Price  $ Call

Machines can be purchased individually. See below for pricing:


UE-022820A-10 Gunnar 601 CMC Mat Cutter  $ 10,000    Price Reduced !

Computerized Mat Cutter

Used by Picture Framers to Cut Matboard

Size: 40 x 60″

Includes: Computer, Monitor, and Software

From the seller ” Currently in use. Controller was replaced in 2016″

Manufactured in 2014

Software version is 2.0.10

Video of Machine in Operation


Installation and training available: Call for pricing

*** From the manufacturer:

The Gunnar 601-RS CMC is the “Next Generation ” in computerised mat cutting. The Gunnar 601-RS computerised mat cutter is the proven and tested winner when it comes to reliability and efficiency in framing businesses around the globe.

This computerized cutter does outstanding clean cuts at a fast pace. Multi-cuts, double mats, angel, round anything is possible. Software saves past projects for easy and simple recall. Makes quick work of big orders. Very adjustable for foam board to hard museum mat board.

Key Features

Extremely simple operation
Adjustable cutting table angle
Cuts the hardest museum mat board up to 3.5 mm
Central control unit with pressure gauge, start and emergency-stop button
Double cutting head for 45 degree and 90 degree cutting
45 degree head auto adjustable for two mat thickness
COE Mode to operate two working areas simultaneously
Blade change in a matter of seconds without tools
Modular design for simple service
Ideal for continuous operation
Finger clamp system for cuts to the edge of the mat board


  • Swiss precision – The Gunnar 601’s Swiss design and engineering leads the market in superior reliability and accuracy. The Gunnar 601-RS is unmatched in features. 
  • Two cutting heads – With the double cutting head, multiple production mats can be cut “edge to edge” with a straight cut, saving time, wastage and with a professional square edge. 
  • Cuts to the edge – The Gunnar 601’s unique button clamping system allows you to cut to the extreme edge of the matboard, with no wastage.

 40” x 60” table size – You can confidently cut mats in oversized matboard.

 Cuts foamboard – Cut foamboard up to 5mm thick for backings, with a perfectly square edge.

 Split clamping zones – Double your production with “left-right” split clamping operation, with two separate cutting zones utilized by a single operator.

 Automatic blade depth – With the ability to cut combined v-grooves and openings in one step, there is no need for adjustment or blade change when cutting these mats. This feature also allows you to cut mass produced double mats in the one step.

 Fast – With a cutting speed of 1000mm/second, the Gunnar 601-RS is faster than any other competitor CMC sold in Australia.

 Adjustable table angle – No gravity related problems with off-cuts slipping down and interrupting subsequent cuts.

Non-warp – Non-warp honeycomb aluminum base board.

 Tool-free blade change – Easily change the blade in a matter of seconds.

 Designed by framers for framing – Intuitive design and operation, which is easy to understand for anyone with a picture framing background.

 New generation microstepper motors – The drive system is accurate to 0.02mm per step.


 No start-finish marks – Only Gunnar guarantees absolutely no start finish marks in circles and ovals.

 No hooking – Only Gunnar guarantees no hooking or curved cuts, regardless of the thickness, brand or density of your matboard.

Computerized Mat Board Processing Equipment


UE-022820A-9 Gunnar 3001M  CMC Mat Cutter  $ 5,000

Computerized Mat Cutter

Used by Picture Framers to Cut Matboard

Size: 32 x 40″

From the seller ” This cutter needs service and will need a new controller replaced. Serial # 40.300.10X. I have two (loose) controllers (condition unknown) but no computer or software.”

Gunnar 3001 User Manual

UE-022820A-14 C&H Manual Mat Cutter  $ 250

Size: 40″

Includes squaring arm

UE-022820A-15 Fletcher 2200 Mat Cutter  $ 600

Size: 60″

Includes squaring arm

Manufactured: 05/2006

***From the manufacturer:

Our Fletcher 2200 mat cuter provides specialty cutting for creating bevels and producing v-grooves in mat board used for picture framing and art / graphics retail matting.

Available in 48″or 60″ cutting capacity.

Product Description

Performance Features:

  • Manual mat cutting for sizing cuts, cutting bevels and producing v-grooves.
  • Cuts 4-ply mat board.
  • Straight line cutting of foam board up to 1/2″ (13 mm).
  • Maximum material cutting thickness: 1/2″ (13mm), 90 degrees cut only.
  • Available machine sizes: 48″ (1.2m) and 60″ (1.5m).


UE-022820A-16 Atlas Copco GA7 Compressor  $ 3,000

Last serviced: Mid 2018

10 HP Rotary Screw Compressor

Manufactured: 1996

Hours: 16,000


*** From the manufacturer:

Atlas Copco GA-7 Compressor:  With ease of service and reliability in mind, Atlas Copco offers superior compressed air performance in a compact, modern design. With a continuous 100% duty cycle, this rotary screw compressor also operates without the elevated vibration and sound levels normally associated with typical piston compressors. A small footprint and lower noise levels mean increased installation flexibility, making the Atlas Copco GA-Series ideal for most applications. And, with the optional receiver tank and integrated dryer, you will save valuable floor space and lower your cost of operation.

  • Air Delivery:  44.3 CFM-100 PSI   |    41.60 CFM-125 PSI   |    36.3 CFM-150 PSI
  • Dimensions:  45″ L x 28″ W x 49″ H
  • Shipping Weight:  627 Lbs (Base Mounted)
  • Connection Size:  3/4″ NPT


UE-022820A-17 Brunner 120 Gallon Vertical Compressed Air Receiver Tank  $ 400

Model 0201

200 PSI

Manufactured: 1996


UE-022820A-18 Gardner Denver Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer  $ 500

Model:  RDS50-A

50 CFM

Manufactured in 2000


UE-022820A-19 Gardner Denver Electra Rotary Screw Compressor  $ Call for Pricing

Last serviced: Mid 2018

100 PSI

Model # EFB99A

230 Volt


Manufactured in 2000

Hours: 54,000

UE-022820A-13 Morso Chopper  $ 900   (Sold)

Includes measuring table & stop, and 2 extra sets of blades as shown in the photo

Serial# 73890


*** From the manufacturer:

Morso Model F Mitering Machine (Price new is $3,500 USD / about $4,500 CAD)

Morso Model F mitring machine cuts double mitre at 45° and single mitre up to 90°. Tenon, mortise joints, and a wide variety of angled cuts can also be made.

When using the Morso F, you will have no dust compared to a saw. Also, the waste of your moulding will be minimized as Morso F cuts double mitres very close, ( less than one mm waste of moulding ).

The mitre saw cannot do the mitres as close, and therefore the waste by using a saw, will always be minimum one centimetre.

One centimetre of waste does not sound of much, but if a calculation is done of 100 cuts a day, it actually turns out that the waste over a year is 260 meters waste of moulding…. ( That is only with 100 cuts a day…)

Morso F leaves the cut surface of the wood perfectly smooth and accurate, requiring no further preparation before joining. The horizontal movement of the knife block is stepwise adjustable. The sliding longitudinal stop and measuring scale ensure accurate repeat work.

The special lever system of the machine ensure a very easy operation. Twin return springs automatically bring the knives back to starting position.

Morso F is delivered with safety guard, waste chute, sliding longitudinal stop, measuring scale, adjustable fences ( 45° – 90° ), and adjustable rebate supports.

Morso F is manually operated with a foot pedal – needs no compressor or electricity and can therefore be operated anywhere.

Technical data for
Morso Model F Mitring Machine
Double mitre 45°
Single mitre up to 90°
Cutting width, max. 100 mm
Cutting height, max. 160 mm
Square cutting 65/65 mm
Measuring scale up to 1,500 mm
Net weight 90 kg

UE-022820A-3 CTD D45X Double Miter Saw  $ 3,500  (SOLD)
Includes Holddowns, infeed, outfeed measuring table, and measuring stop as shown in listing photos.
Serial # 306X
Manufactured:  2002

*** Below Info from manufacturer or web:

The D45FX Foot Operated Double Mitre Saw incorporates all the features and specifications of the D45AX except that it is manually foot operated.

Cutting Capacities:

10” (254mm) Blade Capacity

Height Width

3/4”(19mm) 5”(127mm)

4” (102mm) 2-3/8(60mm)

12” (305mm) Blade Capacity

Height Width

7/8”(22mm) 5-3/4”(146mm)

3-1/4” (83mm) 3”(76mm)

14” High Top (355mm) Blade Capacity

Height Width

2”(51mm) 6”(152mm)

3.25”(83mm) 3-1/2” (89mm)


Blade Wear and Angular Adjustments: Each saw head has adjustments for blade variation. Allows for precision alignment of blades to minimizes scrap. Saw heads are adjustable up to 3°, always assuring perfect mitres.

Length of Stroke Adjustment: The D45FX is unique in that the stroke of the machine and the position of the blade above the work can be adjusted to use only the stroke needed to cut a particular molding or extrusion. Adjustment bolts in slots position saws close to work, thereby saving time and motion.

Floor Stand: Close coupled heavy gage steel stand completely enclosed with 6” dust outlet. 1200 CFM required.

Actuation: Manual foot pedal.

UE-022820A-5 ITW AMP Vn4+MP Vnailer  $ 4,500    (SOLD)
Includes some spare parts: hold downs, vnail heads, etc
Manufactured: 2004
TC Count  3,155,066
Serial # 5027X

***Manufacturer’s Information:

Fletcher U500 (formerly called: ITW AMP VN4MP)

For high volume production pre-programmed sequences of operation,

Holds approx 2000 frame profiles in memory with 3000 frame memory, memory expansion optional, bar code option, one touch recall, operator programmable, joins all woods, MDF, and plastic, designed for ease of use, particularly well suited for the custom frame shop, compact and well constructed for years of trouble free operation, quiet and powerful, comes on compact base which can be set on or notched into work station and has 3 operating positions, two stage foot pedal allows user to see quality of join before nailing, nail head remains stationary while moulding moves, stacks up to 10 position per corner, has a pneumatic load/feed system to eliminate jams, drives at 110 psi, adjusts to join almost any profile from 1/4 inch to 5 1/4 inches high, and from to 3/8 inch to 5 inches wide, air and electronically operated, basic machine is 29 inches wide x 25 inches long x 55 inches high, FEATURES: recalls at the touch of a button, optional bar code reader, computer electronic controls with manual back-up. fast and easy nailing position set up, double hydraulic hold down clamps available, multi angle adjustable back fence with tilt adjustment for 4, 6 or 8 sided frames, accommodates 5 nail height sizes, built in reserve air tanks for consistent operating pressure, comes with large assortment of special hold down clamps for almost any profile.

UE-022820A-7 Gallery Stretcher 60 Canvas Stretcher  $ 1,500    (SOLD)
There are 2 additional machines that each need few minor parts for repair.  $ Call for pricing    (SOLD)
Serial #  CSM 09-0033X
Serial #  CSM 09-0035X
***From the Manufacturer:

The Original Canvas Stretching Machine…

“..a simple, light-weight and affordable device that is extremely portable and requires little training.”

The Gallery Stretcher helps to reduce canvas waste relative to other competitor machines

The Gallery Stretcher-60 is a fully pneumatic canvas stretching machine that produces tight uniform stretches with gallery wraps in about 90 seconds. The bench-mounted design allows the operator to rotate the artwork on a relatively seamless work surface, this also facilitates folding the corners in-place. There is no need to reach over the artwork, all of the stapling is done from the front. The normally-closed clamp allows the operator to move freely about to tend to over-sized art, no assistance is needed with this machine.

How To Stretch Canvas and be profitable!
A typical 30″ x 30″ canvas stretch over an assembled stretcher bar with gallery wraps can take about 15-20 minutes using canvas pliers. The Gallery Stretcher-60 can stretch the same canvas in about 90 seconds.

Who Buys A Canvas Stretching Machine?
Our customers are primarily digital photo labs, Custom Picture Framers and anyone that prints to canvas. The Gallery Stretcher-60 is a canvas stretcher that is well suited for high-production.




UE-022820A-20 Belsaw MC 2DC 3HP Extractor Dust Collector  $ 300   (SOLD)

Currently in use



UE-022820A-21 Belsaw MC 2DC 3HP Extractor Dust Collector  $ 300    (SOLD)

Currently in use


UE-022820A-22 Powermatic Extractor Dust Collector  $ 350

Not Currently in use


UE-022820A-23  Binks Open Face Paint / Spray Booth    $ 1,500

Type: Industrial Paint, Dual Feed Exhaust Fan

Size: 10 x 10′

Includes 1 Paint / Spray Booth Turntable

UE-022820A-24  Binks Open Face Paint / Spray Booth    $ 1,500

Type: Industrial Paint, Dual Feed Exhaust Fan

Size: 10 x 10′

Includes 1 Paint / Spray Booth Turntable


UE-022820A-25 Challenge Guillotine Paper Cutter  $ 2,500

Size: 26.5″


UE-022820A-26 Frame Moulding Rack  $ Call for Pricing



UE-022820A-27 Dahle Guillotine Paper Cutter  $ 500

Size: 40 x 40″

UE-022820A-28 Dahle Guillotine Paper Cutter  $ 350

Size: 36 x 36″


UE-022820A-29  Lot: Epson  Stylus Pro 64″ Large Format InkJet Printers  11880  $ Make Offer    (SOLD) 

Model: 11880

These printers need repair (need new printheads) and are considered PARTS machines

Quantity: 4

UE-022820A-30  Supply Lot: Epson  Stylus Pro 64″ Large Format InkJet Printers  11880  $ 500   (SOLD)

Ink Cartridges

Vivid Light Magenta – 60%

Light Light Black – 12%

Matte Black – 97%

Light Black – 70%

Light Cyan – 50%

Cyan – 21%

Cyan – 56%

Vivid Magenta – 85%

Photo Black -12%

Photo Black -39%

Yellow – 27%

Maintenance Tanks

1 – 95%

2 – 53%

3 – 100%

4 – 45%

UE-022820A-31   Miscellaneous Lot 1:  track lighting, 10 display racks, pallet racking, forklift etc etc  $ Call for Pricing    (SOLD)


UE-022820A-32   Miscellaneous Lot 2  $ Call for Pricing    (SOLD)

Poly Molding – Thousands of feet, various styles

Matboards – 1000 plus sheets, various styles

Foamcore – Several hundred sheets

Glass – 1000 plus sheets

Bevelled Mirrors – Several cases – ie hundreds (3 sizes)

Fabric (for making fabric liners) I have A LOT of silk in 3 different colors and also quite a bit of Micro Suede


Viewable Link: Consumable / Supply Inventory

Artwork – Call For Pricing    (SOLD)

Viewable link: Showroom Lot: Framed Artwork (Call for direct link)

Viewable Link:   Artwork Inventory

Fabric – Call For Pricing    (SOLD)

Viewable Link:  Fabric Inventory


UE-022820A-2 CTD D45X Double Miter Saw  $ 4,500 (Sold)
Includes Holddowns, infeed, outfeed measuring table, and measuring stop as shown in listing photos.
Manufactured: about 2010
Serial # 335X
Also included is a second CTD D45X parts machine w infeed and outfeed table w/ measuring guide. This parts machine does not have a stop.  Serial # is 300X – Manufactured 2001
UE-022820A-4 ITW AMP Vn4+MP Vnailer  $ 5,000 (Sold)
Includes some spare parts: hold downs, vnail heads, etc
Includes a supply of nails: Approximately 32K
Manufactured: 2006
TC Count  3,271,229
Serial # 5248X
UE-022820A-6 Gallery Stretcher 60 Canvas Stretcher  $ 1,500 (Sold)


UE-022820A-8 Fletcher 3000 60″ Multi Material Cutter  $ 750 (Sold)

Manufactured 07 /06


***From the manufacturer:

The 3000 is the ideal product to make short work of the critical task of preparing your materials for framing. With its simplistic design and user-friendly cutting head, you will see an immediate improvement in accuracy and productivity in the first day of use. Our versatile 3000 unit features a three position cutting turret for glass, acrylics and mat board sizing. Equipped with a patented score and break-out feature, the 3000 unit provides effortless and operator-safe cutting with every use.

Available in 48″ (1219mm) or 60″ (1524mm) vertical cutting capacity.

Manufacturer’s Information:

The Fletcher 3000® Wall Machine has a proven track record of success in frame shops worldwide. With its innovative and patented cutting process, the 3000 provides effortless cutting of the materials that matter to you most. The 3000 has quickly become the standard in picture framing for sizing of matboard, foamboard,glass and plastics; all with equal accuracy and consistency.

Patented glass cutting turret has a ramping feature that allows the lifting of turret device on top edge of glass resulting in a cleaner edge break.

Wall mounted or free-standing

Substrate Cutting Capabilities:

Glass: Up to 1/4″ (6 mm)

Mirror: Up to 1/4″ (6 mm)

Acrylic: Up to 1/4″ (6 mm)

Matboard: 4, 8, 12 ply

Foamboard: Up to 1/4″ (6 mm)

Technical Specifications:

Vertical Cutting Capacity: 60″ (1.52m)

Cutting Head: Rides on high tensile strength steel, hard chrome plated and polished, resulting in smoother gliding action for consistent cutting head performance and longevity.

Vertical Bars: Rails do not bend or flex during the cutting process for straight, accurate cutting over the entire substrate height.

Material Clamping System: Patented lever-type clamping system that secures in place substrate heights up to 60″ (152cm) to prevent buckling and shifting of material during the cutting process.

Machine Dimensions:

Height: 72″ (183 cm)

Width: 80″ (203 cm)

Depth: 11.64″ (30 cm)

Weight: 70 lbs. / 32 kg

Cut Capacity: 60″ (152 cm)

Needed Wall Space: 36.38 sq. ft.

Shipping Weight: 110 lbs./ 49 kg


UE-022820A-11 Potdevin NTZ36 Cold Gluer  $ 5,500 (Sold)

Size: 36″

Includes stand


*** From the manufacturer:

The Potdevin NTZ Gluer saves time and energy. Uniformly coats smooth or uneven materials up to half inch thick with water-based glues, latex and resins. Use with paper, cardboard, leather, plastic, foam, wood, fabric, rubber. Used with cold glues only.


UE-022820A-12 Potdevin W42 Rotary Press  $ 3,500 (Sold)

Size: 42″

Includes stand


***From the manufacturer:

Excellent for high-speed laminating of glued materials, flexible or rigid, up to a half inch in thickness. Uses include chipboard to chipboard, litho labels to chipboard or corrugated boxes. Adjustable pressure.



UE-022820A-1 Sommer and Maca VEW60 Vertical Glass Washer  $ 12,500  Price Reduced ! (Sold)
From the seller ” This used VEW-60 is currently in operation and is in very good condition. Fully serviced 2015.”
Size: 60″
Manufactured: 2006
Serial # 6647X
*** Below Info from manufacturer or web:
Replacement price for new $31,500
Sommer Maca Model VEW60 Vertical Washer
Voltage: 230/60/3

Overall Size: 17’4″ X 59″ X 9′

Weight: 2046 lbs.

Description:  60″ open top vertical washer.

The Somaca/CRL VEW-60 Glass Washer cleans glass up to 60 inches (1500 millimeters) tall in one pass. Includes Low-E brushes to clean coated glass. The wash cabin is stainless steel to resist corrosion. There are fluorescent lights on the discharge conveyor to aid in final inspection of glass.

# Fully Equipped With All Features Needed for IG Window Fabrication

# Automatically Adjusts for Glass Thickness Up to 1/2′ (12 mm)


# Glass Thicknesses up to 1/2 inch (from 2.5 to 12 millimeters)

# Minimum Glass Size is four inches (100 millimeters) tall x 16 inches (400 millimeters) in length

# Maximum Glass Weight is 300 pounds (136 kilograms)


# Electrical: Four Motors Running a Total 6.9 HP (5.03 Kw)

# Largest Motor is 5.5 HP (4 Kw)

# Voltage required is Three Phase at 60 cycles, 220 volt power

# Power at Full load current is 37.83 amps – Service requirement 40 amps

# Total Energy 8.5 Kw

# Fresh Water: 1.38 gpm (4.48 lpm) @ 30psi (2 atm)


Recirculating heated detergent system, Recirculating miser rinse system (reduces fresh water need by 50%), automatic fresh water control valve, discharge conveyor inspection lights

These items can be picked up in Idaho or shipped for an additional fee.
***  It is the buyer’s responsibility to check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.  Although we strive for accurate information, all equipment is sold “As Is”. 
Catalog Item #


Condition of Item

All used items are sold “As Is”. There are no implied warranties or guarantees. Statement of condition is provided to us by the seller. Although we strive to obtain the best information from the seller, AIM is not responsible for inaccuracies provided to us by seller. It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect machinery; crosscheck with seller or manufacturer regarding descriptions and specifications that appear in this listing.

Date of Initial Listing

February 28, 2020


, Western USA




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