Pistorius EMN-12 Double Miter Saw (used) Item # UE-030322B (FL)

SKU: UE-030322B

Pistorius EMN-12 Double Miter Saw

From the seller: “Both machines are in good working condition.”

There are two saws available.

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This machine can be picked up in Florida or shipped for an additional fee.

***Manufacturer’s info for saw & Compressor:

Pistorius EMN-12

Cutting Capacity: 4 7/8″ W x 3 3/8″ H Saw blade capacity: 12″ blades , Arbor 5/8″. Air pressure requirements 65 PSI. Visit our resource page for operating manual.

This saw is widely used in the picture framing, as well as door and window manufacturing.

CM99 Air Compressors ( Replacement Price New: $1,660)

AMS CM99 Air Compressors are ideal for workshops with up to two underpinners operating simultaneously or over a long period of time daily. Each machine has 1 HP delivered from two motors with 4.35 CFM Free Air. Wheels are attached for ease of movement.

. Air Pressure = up to 120 psi (8 bar)
. Pressure cycle = 85-115 PSI
. Shipping weight = 101 lbs

. Delivers 100 liters / minute

*** Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.

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March 3, 2022




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