TigerStop TS08 Automatic Stop / Gauge (Technician Refurbished) Item # UFE-3252 (Wisconsin)


SKU: UFE-3252

TigerStop TS08 Automatic Stop / Gauge

From the seller: “This TigerStop has been technician refurbished.”

Model: TS08

Serial #: 993394

With 5.3 controller
10′ table, legs included, in and out
Working length 8′
Drive speed up to 180 fpm
Accuracy +/- 0.004″
Pushing weight up to 90#
Pushing weight (w/tables) up to 120#
Drive type: 32 mm steel-reinforced belt
New belt, LED screen, SIK, and pusher foot

$ 5,950

This machine can be picked up in Wisconsin or shipped for an additional fee.

***From the Manufacturer:

If purchased new: TS08: $6,025*** +  (2) TABNR10-10′ Solid Steel Tables – 12′ overall ($1,735 ea.) = $3,470***

If your operation suffers from low woodworking production, it may be your machine and not the lack of skilled employees. The TigerStop is the solution. So simple to operate, within five to ten minutes of training, your employees will produce the most rapid, precise cuts.

Enter a length and process your part… It’s just that simple!

The TigerStop automatic stop/gauge and pusher system is the perfect addition to almost any machine tool in your shop where ease of setup, ease of use, and accuracy are required. No more battle of the tape measures—every part’s the same with a TigerStop linear measuring system. Employees can be trained in a matter of minutes and be top performers by the end of the day.

Easily installed on most machine tools.

*** Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.


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July 16, 2019


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