Pistorius MN200 Double Miter Saw w/ 8′ TigerStop (Used) Item # UFE-3146


SKU: UFE-3146

Pistorius MN200 12″ Blade Double Miter Saw w/ 8′ Tiger Stop 

From the seller ” This used Mitre Saw and Tiger Stop are in good working condition.”

These  machines can both be purchased as a package for $6,500, or individually as shown below:


Pistorius MN200 12″ Blade Double Miter Saw $2,750

Includes Pneumatic Hold Downs


8 Foot Tiger Stop    $4,750

Includes: flat screen / touchscreen tablet package, solid state computer, protective keypad cover, and ergotron bracket

Bought new 11-13-2014

Video of Machine in Operation

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Manuals can be found in this catalog under “Resources”

Optional Accessories, Parts, and Replacement Blades are available from AIM Equipment Company. Call for details and pricing.


Manufacturer’s & Other General Descriptions from the web:

Pistorius Model MN-200 for wood, aluminum, plastics and fiberglass

2-5/8″ Max. height & 3-5/16″ max. width capacity

2 x 1.5HP, 230/460V, 3,450RPM Motors,

12″ blade diameter capacity,

5/8″ diameter belt driven saw arbors,

Non-staggered blade movement (not for notching), only approx. 7″ of travel is necessary to complete the stroke of the saw blades, Simultaneously cuts a left and right 45 degree miter with each cycle of the machine thus wasting little material. Leaves hands free to hold the material. Easy to regulate the cutting speed. The counterbalanced saw heads return automatically. The saw blades extend beyond the fence line when cycling, cutting completely through the material.

Foot pedal operated, actuated by air.

Scrap discharges to the bottom of the machine.

Air filter, regulator, lubricator, Magnetic push button starters



TigerStop® is an automated material pusher and stop gauge that will turn your existing machine into a lean manufacturing asset. Take your operations to a whole new level with the product that started it all.

Measuring and setting manual stops takes time, requires a great deal of skill, and even with the best operator you will still get misscut parts requiring costly rework. TigerStop was designed to solve these problems.

Adding a TigerStop means increasing speed and accuracy with a machine that is easy to operate.

  • Jog Mode
  • Calculator Mode
  • Preset Function
  • Metric, Decimal and Fraction Inches
  • Part List Interface, Downloading Software
  • Standard Interconnect Kit (knows when your saw is cycling)
  • Four Types of Parts Lists
    • Set Point
    • Pusher
    • Pattern Part List
    • Pull List
    • Tiger Stop
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September 22, 2018






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