Eclipse CMC Mat Cutter 40x60" (used) Item # UFE-C1559 (OH) - AIM Equipment Co.
Eclipse CMC Mat Cutter 40×60″ (used) Item # UFE-C1559 (OH)
Eclipse CMC Mat Cutter 40×60″ (used) Item # UFE-C1559 (OH)
Eclipse CMC Mat Cutter 40×60″ (used) Item # UFE-C1559 (OH)
Eclipse CMC Mat Cutter 40×60″ (used) Item # UFE-C1559 (OH)


Eclipse CMC Mat Cutter 40x60"

SKU: UFE-C1559

Eclipse CMC Mat Cutter

Size: 40x60"

From the seller " This used Eclipse Pro is in very good condition. It was recently serviced by technician. Reason for selling: Upgrading to newer machine.

Price $5,000

Customers can pick this machine up in Ohio or shipped for an additional fee.

*** Below is information for the Eclipse Pro from Manufacturer's website:

Complete mat cutting solution includes:

? Mat Designer software

? Solid Steel Construction

? Modular Design

? Mat Clamping System

? Brushless Servo Motors

Hardware Features

? Durable steel design

? Independent cylinder air clamp system

? Cut speed of 20 inches per second (ips)

? Cuts any type of matboard including 8-ply, 6-ply, paper, rag, suede, linen, color core, metallic matboard

Software Features

?Nesting enables you to layout and cut multiple mat designs on one sheet of matboard. Nest mat designs inside the openings of larger designs to reduce waste.

? Design complex, multiple layer and multiple opening designs from the front or back

? Place v-grooves around any opening

? Cut any mat design as a reverse bevel

? Easy layout with one-click alignment

? Create custom designs

? Adjust reveals to any width

*** Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer?s website.


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Price: $5,000.00

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