Scotty 5000 Tab Machine (Used) Item # UE-110923C
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Scotty 5000 Tab Machine (Used) Item # UE-110923C
Scotty 5000 Tab Machine (Used) Item # UE-110923C
Scotty 5000 Tab Machine (Used) Item # UE-110923C


Scotty 5000 Tab Machine

SKU: UE-110923C
Date listed: November 9, 2023

Scotty 5000 Tab Machine

  • Year Manufactured: 2008
  • Model Number: 5000
  • Item Under Warranty: No
  • Can Item Be Inspected On-Site: Yes


From the Seller: "Complete factory refurb. New rollers, new belts, nice list of parts changed out. Scott Precision has done all the work."



About this Item

Features & Specifications

***Manufacturer's Information:

The Scotty 5000 has taken the best features of the Scott Ten Thousand Automatic Plastic Index Tabbing Machine (aka Scott 10000 Automatic Plastic Index Tabber) and incorporated them into a compact unit. The Scotty 5000 uses a platen plastic sealing system that heats only the tab extension and an adjustable dwell function allows you to hold the sheet for a pre-determined time. Therefore, some difficult stocks that require special handling are easier to run. Unlike many pieces of automated equipment that require large runs because of make ready time, the Scotty 5000 is actually much faster to configure and get moving with jobs. The fast dial counter allows quick changeover of plastic length, tab cut width, as well as the position of the plastic on the paper. It is an excellent machine for long or short runs. Adjustments for film lengths, tab size and position is precisely measured to .01 and is easily repeatable.

This unit will laminate and tab cut up to 4,200 laminated index tabs per hour. Plain tabs will run at over 5,500 per hour. The Scotty 5000 is built in the Scott-Precision tradition. There is also an option available for the Scotty that allows you to run an 18 1/2-inch long sheet.

The Scotty 5000 Tabber automatically feeds, laminates and tab cuts products with the touch of a button. Turn around time is reduced while control of your job is maintained. It's the machine of choice for trade binderies or any application where control of the materials provided for finishing are going to vary and is excellent for long or short runs. Adjustments for film lengths, tab size and position are precisely measured to .01 inches and are easily repeatable.

Manufacturer: Scott Precision
Type: Plastic Tab Machine

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