Cassese CS89 Vnailer & Cassese CS55M Chopper (used) Item # UFE-3233 (California)


SKU: UFE-3233

Cassese CS89 Vnailer & Cassese CS55M Chopper

From the seller: “These machines are in good working condition unless otherwise specified below.”

Lot Price:  $800 (for what is left)

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  • SKU # UFE-3233-1 Cassese CS55M Chopper
  • SKU # UFE-3233-2 Cassese CS89 Vnailer / Joiner / Underpinner

From the seller: “These machines are in good working condition unless otherwise specified below.”

Machines can be purchased as a lot or individually.  See below for individual item pricing.

UFE-3233-2 Cassese CS89 Vnailer / Joiner / Underpinner $ 800 (Sold)

From the seller: “”Everything works fine. It was cleaned and serviced at Active Sales, in LA. It was barely used 1-2x per month as I mainly used it for joining Stretcher Bars for my line of Giclees, as needed. “


*** Manufacturer’s Information:

The CS88 & CS89 have been the most popular models in the world for over 15 years, and thus their reputation and reliability are proved. Although manufactured to the highest standards, the prices of the CS88 & CS89 remain very competitive.

• Cassese wedges cartridge system
Easy change of wedge size with no need to adjust or change any part
on the machine. All Cassese underpinners are able to use the full range
of Cassese cartridge wedges in 7 different sizes, available in both
softwood and hardwood.
•Adjustable joining angle
It is possible to adjust the joining angle of the fences to correct the gap
if the cutting angle is not perfectly at 45°.
• Patented self-adjusting fences
Are adaptable to the shape of any moulding profile, to prevent gaps in
the top or bottom of the join.
• Horizontal rebate clamp
Secures the moulding pieces together to ensure perfect alignment of the
mitres while joining.
• Quick-Change top clamp
To adjust between softwood and hardwood and different mouldings’
• 2 positioning stops
(front and back) allow wedges to be stacked up, even in hardwood.
• Unique triangular design table
Makes it easy to adapt to the corner of a workbench, which assists in
supporting the frame while joining.
• CS 88 Foot operated
Mobile foot pedal
The pedal position can be easily changed between the back or the front
of the machine, and can also be set up for either left or right foot
Unique pulley and cable drive system
Multiplies the force applied on the foot pedal more than 3 times, thus
making it easy for the operator to drive wedges into the hardest timbers.
• CS 89 Air operated :
Pneumatic double-stage pedal
Permits the operator to clamp the mouldings and visually check the join
before inserting the wedge.
No pressure adjustment required
When changing between softwood and hardwood.

Width 5mm-95mm
Height 7mm-85mm
Smallest internal frame size 70mm x 70mm
Length 450mm
Width 600mm
Height 1090mm
Weight 25 Kg 31 kg
Air supply nil 6 bars using
3 litres / cycle

UFE-3233-1 Cassese CS55M Chopper $ 800 (Sold)

Includes 3 extra sets of blades

Manufactured in 2006

***From the manufacturer

Exclusive spring loaded rebate supports (patented)

Blade locator pins for safe & easy blade changing (patented)

Fence locator pins for accurate 45°cuts every time4 colours direct read measuring scales Dust free and silent

Patented spring- loaded rebate supports system

These unique and patented rebate supports automatically adjust themselves to the required height, under the rebate of the moulding. They are quicker to set, more accurate and safer to use than regular screw systems.

Protective acrylic safety guards

On both, the fences and the cutting head, to minimize blade exposure to the operator, but still allow complete visibility

Left-hand support arm (optional)

For supporting lengths of mouldings as you are loading them inside the guillotine

Cassese CS55 M

This machine can be picked up in California or shipped for an additional fee.


*** Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.

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Good Working

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May 8, 2019




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