Sell Your Equipment

No Longer Need Your Machinery or Tools?

We are happy to help you sell your no longer needed machinery, tools, or supplies. We can also assist with selling your business.

If you want to list your equipment, we can provide you current market pricing for each item, and then let us know at what price to list.

There is a $25 fee to list one or more items in our product catalog.

We will help set up shipping if necessary (which the buyer pays for) and have the customer pay you directly for the item; less our brokerage fee and a minimum fee applies for sales under $500, which the buyer pays to us directly.

We can also provide equipment valuations for insurance claims, or if you want to sell the item yourself, for a $100 fee. If you decide at some point in the future to have us sell your items, the $25 listing fee will be waived.

If you have questions about selling your equipment or business, check out our FAQs, fill out our contact form, or call us at 330-405-9421.

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