Dahlgren Wizzard XL Engraver (used) Item # UE-46


SKU: UE-46

Dahlgren Wizzard XL Engraver

From the seller: “About 6 months after I bought this one I started experiencing engraving that was missing letters. It wasn’t exerting enough pressure on the engraving material. I replaced the motor for $250 but It did not fix the issue. Will need some servicing to make it run perfect again.

Includes the following:

Dahgren Wizzard XL Engraving Machine with Power Cord.
6 Type Styles with 2 Holders. Several logos on e-proms.
1 Diamond Drag engraving tool for metal and 7 Rotary Engraving Cutters for plastic.
1 Plastic Orange Cord for Rotary Engraving.
1 Wizzard Operator’s Manual.

Price  $ 1,750

This machine can be picked up in Texas or have it shipped for an additional fee.

Catalog Item #


Condition of Item

Needs Some Servicing

Date of Initial Listing

November 16, 2018




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