Entire Frame Shop Business / Picture Framing Equipment Group (used) Lot # AGFS-3 (Colorado)



Entire Frame Shop Business / Picture Framing Equipment Lot

From the seller “All items are in Good Working Condition. Seller is shutting down the framing portion of their business”

Picture Framing Equipment Lot  Price  $18,500Includes Free Shipping for Contiguous USA
Everything you need to start a picture framing operation ! Great for an additional location or new business venture!
Items can be bought individually. See prices below (shipping is additional fee)


CTD D45 14″ Double Mitre Saw $4,000    SOLD

Includes: Pneumatic holddowns, measuring table and in-feed table + dusk collector, 4 blades total that have never been sharpened. (2 x Ultramitre 14″ 120T Combo blade) (2 x Ultramitre 80 teeth Styrene blades)

The D45 is popular world wide because of its unique features, low cost and precision. Engineered for higher production, this double mitre saw makes two 45 degrees mitres at one time, saving time and materials. D45’s are used by thousands in the decorative arts trade throughout world.Designed to cut Aluminum, Wood, plastics, composites, aluminum extrusions, plastic extrusions, non-ferrous metals.


Universal DY 102 Programmable Production Joiner $3,750  SOLD

(Very reliable. It has never gone down / about 7 years old).

The Universal Arquati Machinery DY 102 is a fully automatic Computerized Pneumatic Operated Underpinner. DY102 uses Standard v-nails in the following Sizes 7mm, 10mm, 12mm and 15mm and comes with four Interchangeable heads. Changing Nail is a simple three minutes task. The DY 102 has two self-adjusting clamps.


Eclipse 4060 CMC Computerized Mat Cutter.$2,500  SOLD

Includes: computer and software.

Heavy duty cutter. Workhouse for production framers and framer shop owners for many years in the industry.  Single blade, pneumatic linear 1″ clamps, 8 ply cutting capable. Support is still available. 


Epson Pro Stylus GS6000 Wide Format Printer  $4,000

(about 7 years old / heads and motherboard have been replaced)

This is an easy-to-use, 64″ roll to roll printer makes it perfect for photographic reproduction or limited edition prints.  photo-realistic imaging – even when working with more robust materials like adhesive vinyl and canvas. The wide choice of media gives great flexibility – from printing trade show stands, to high-quality signage or even fabric proofs – all designed to delight your customers. This versatile, 8-color printer with orange and green inks produces high-quality prints suitable for both indoor and outdoor signage.


Gallery Stretcher 36 $1,250    SOLD

(Bought new Feb 2017 /used less than 10 times)

Pneumatic Canvas Stretching Machine (Gallery Wrap)   “..a simple, light-weight and affordable device that is extremely portable and requires little training.”

The Gallery Stretcher helps to reduce canvas waste relative to other competitor machines

The Gallery Stretcher-60 is a fully pneumatic canvas stretching machine that produces tight uniform stretches with gallery wraps in about 90 seconds. The bench-mounted design allows the operator to rotate the artwork on a relatively seamless work surface, this also facilitates folding the corners in-place. There is no need to reach over the artwork, all of the stapling is done from the front. The normally-closed clamp allows the operator to move freely about to tend to over-sized art, no assistance is needed with this machine.


Safety Speed Vertical Panel Saw & Router  $1,250

Includes a rolling stand ( Bonus!). So you can move it around easily to a more convenient place for cutting / storage. Has extended custom vacuum hose / Custom elbow joint for easy cleaning. This machine routs large panels both vertically and horizontally on a heavy duty steel frame.


Vacuseal 4366M-HS Vacuum Heat Press  $500  SOLD

… offers a space-saving work surface and the option of processing several pieces of varying size and thickness simultaneously.

Applications: Cold mounting, Laminating, Heat mounting, Appling texture, Pre-Drying Materials


Challenge Diamond Paper Cutter $2,500


Fredrix Pneumatic Canvas Stretcher (non-gallery wrap)  $300 


R 12  Cold Roller Label Gluer  $1,250

Manufactuer:  Gluer Machinery Company

12″ Width

From the manufacturer:

The cost-cutting Roller Gluer, compact and ruggedly constructed, accurately applies any variety of adhesives to products ranging from luggage to desk pads to leather goods and book covers. Simple to operate, easy to clean.

Full load amperage requirement for the 120V R Gluer 12″ is 6.4Amp/50-60Hz


Storage racks $500 (for 3 sets)   SOLD

{3} sets of  36 x 36 x 96″ with 2 shelves each


Senco Assembly Nail Gun , Air Line, and Balancer Set  $500 (for 2 sets)

Quantity: 2 sets

Senco Staple Gun Model: SFT10XP-5 1/2″ Crown, 5/8″ Fine Wire Stapler, Air Line,and Hubble Balance Model:   BD-03(2 sets)


This grouping of equipment is located in Colorado.

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September 11, 2018




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