Equipment Lot: Inmes IM300P Saw, Vacuseal 4468H Dry Mount Press, Cassese CS299M Frame Joiner & Wizard 8000 CMC Cutter (Used) Item # UE-060622A (California)

SKU: UE-060622A

Equipment Lot: Inmes IM300P Saw, Vacuseal 4468H Dry Mount Press, Cassese CS299M Frame Joiner & Wizard 8000 CMC Cutter

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Available Items in Lot:

    • SKU # UE-060622A-2 D&K Expression (Bienfang / Vacuseal) 4468H Dry Mount Press
    • SKU # UE-060622A-4 Wizard 8000 CMC Mat Cutter

Sold Items in Lot:

    • SKU # UE-060622A-1 Inmes IM-300P Double Miter Saw
    • SKU # UE-060622A-3 Cassese CS299m Frame Joiner

From the seller: “All machines are in good working condition unless otherwise specified below.”

Machines can be purchased as a lot or individually.  See below for individual item pricing.

UE-060622A-1 Imnes IM-300P Double Miter Saw (Sold)

***Manufacturer’s Information:

The IM-300P AL was developed for cutting aluminum profiles with precision. The two saw blades are fixed at 45° angles and vertically move up and down assuring a maximum width 3-3/16” and height 3-316” for high productivity.

The machine comes with: IM-300P AL, right roller table extension with 2600mm, saw blade, clamping system, pneumatic lubricator device;

Induction motor (single phase or three phase);

Front access through panel with easy access for changing the saw blades;

Simultaneous actions of the saw blades;

Adjustable speed of blades descent;

Pivot mechanism with conical bearings on cutting arms;

Right and left calibrated scale;

Sliding moulding stop for setting lengths of cuts;

Powdered painting providing better finishing to the equipment and longer durability.

UE-060622A-2 D&K Expression (Bienfang / Vacuseal) 4468H Dry Mount Press

***From the manufacturer:

The Expression® line of vacuum presses from D&K offers guaranteed quality results every time for mounting, laminating, and texturing projects. Vacuum presses allow users to simultaneously process multiple pieces of artwork with varying sizes and thicknesses. The 4468H Vacuum Press is the preferred choice for framing professionals with user-friendly touch pad controls with six factory-installed programs for processing common applications. The 4468H Vacuum Press also includes an Expression® cutting mat that allows you to use the top of the press as a working surface.


Touch-pad controls.

Easy to read digital display.

Programmable system controller with six preset programs.

End-of-cycle signal.

Space-saving work surface.

Maintenance-free vacuum pump.


Working Capacity: 44” x 68” x 1”

Dimensions: 72.25” x 56.5” x 6.5”

Net Weight: 205 lbs.

Shipping Weight: 720 lbs.

Power: 230V AC, 15 Amps

Electrical Requirements: 4-wire, single phase NEMA L14-20 plug

Pressure: 13 psi

Floor Stand: Optional – 41 lbs.

UE-060622A-3 Cassese CS299M Frame Joiner (Sold)

*** From the manufacturer:

The new CS299M XL2 is designed to meet the needs of every framer looking for high quality joins and comfort of use, thanks to the adjustable fences and the new patented retractable Ultra clamps.

Wide joining capacity (190mm stroke – 7 1/2″)
Ultra powerful Double-action “Push and Tighten” rebate clamp
New retractable Ultra clamp system retracts into the table leaving a flat surface – Great for big frames!
All air powered – no electrical components to fail
Patented adjustable fences
Clamping of mouldings activated by foot pedal
Wedge firing activated by push button
Automatic position lock
Built-in extension arms for large frames
New magnetic XL adjustable top clamp
No tools required to change wedge’s sizes
No pressure adjustment required
Minimum service required
Technical Data:
Height 1/4″ – 6″ (5mm – 150mm)
5/16″ – 3 1/2″ (7mm – 90mm)
Minimum Frame Dimensions: 3 5/16″ x 3 5/16″ (85mm x 85mm)
Stroke Length: 7 1/2″ (190mm)
Net Weight: 133 lbs (60 kg)
Dimensions: L 490mm (19 1/4″) W 450 mm (17 3/4″) H 1100 mm (43 1/4″)
Power Supply: Compressed air at 100 lbs psi

UE-060622A-4 Wizard 8000 CMC Mat Cutter

***From the manufacturer’s Website:

An economical and efficient mat cutting solution that allows custom framing businesses to cut more and cut faster.

Some of the features our CMC Model 8000 offers:

Cut speed of 7.5 inches per second
45 degree standard bevel cartridge
Optional debossing package with three cartridge options for pressing subtle designs into mats: thin, medium and wide
MatDesigner™ software

Customers can pick these items up in California or have them shipped for an additional fee.

*** Although we strive for accuracy, some specifications are provided to us by seller. It is a good idea to double check specifications by manufacturing company for possible errors of information. Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.  Feel free to call us if you have further questions before purchasing.

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Date of Initial Listing

June 6, 2022




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