Fletcher U300P / Mitre Mite VN 4 L Frame Joiner (New) NFE-104

SKU: NFE-104

Fletcher U300P / Mitre-Mite VN 4 L Frame Joiner

Factory New w/ Warranty

The AMP VN4L is designed for the highest level of precision framing. On this model, the driver moves underneath the moulding to be joined, providing meticulous control of join placement (up to 3 nail positions) as well as faster production times. Its 3-position measurement locking controls produce highly accurate, “one-touch” results. It has been enhanced to assemble frames up to 6.5 inches wide. Features include a pneumatic load/feed system to eliminate jams, “soft clamp” pneumatics for damage-free joints, and a quick-change hold-down to fit most profiles.

The VN4L is designed for custom frame shops and other small businesses requiring ongoing production runs, in particular for frames of same or similar size that must be completed quickly.

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From the Manufacturer / Distributor’s Website:

Package Contents:

(1) 5mm Nail magazine, (1) 7mm Nail magazine, (1) 10mm Nail magazine, (1) 12mm Nail magazine, (1) 15mm Nail magazine, (1) Round felt pad, (1) Square felt pad, (1) Extra large felt pad, (1) 5mm allen wrench, (1) 6mm allen wrench, (1) Magnetic pick up tool, (4) Machine base levelers, (1) Fence template 4-6-8 side, and (1) Machine manual

Framing Capability

Width: 3/8” to 6 1/2”
Height: ¼” to 5 1/4”

Capability for 4, 6, or 8 sided frames.

  • Power Source


Machine Size

Width: 14”
Length: 25”
Height: 14” (with stand)
Weight: 113 lbs

V-Nail Sizes (mm)

3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15

Optional Accessories

Floor Stand

Wood Support Table

Metal Extension Wings

Ideal for:

  • Small to medium size frame shops.
  • Custom Framer
  • Photographer
  • Single Proprietor

Additional Accessories Detail:

Extension Wings

P/NItem Description
04-032Extension Wings Kit

Replacment Clamping Pads

P/NItem Description
04-026Blue Replacement Pad (recommended for SW)
04-025Yellow Replacement Pad (recommended for MW)
04-024Black Replacement Pad (recommended for HW)


Replacement Nail Heads

P/NItem Description
04-090Nail Head – 3mm
04-095Nail Head – 5mm
04-091Nail Head – 7mm
04-092Nail Head -10mm
04-093Nail Head – 12mm
04-094Nail Head – 15mm


P/NItem Description
04-045Floor Stand Option
04-167Magnetic Base for Clamp Assembly
41-221Single Placement Vertical Clamp Kit
04-020Single Metal Pressure Plate
04-023Magnetic – Single Metal Pressure Plate
04-059Round Felt Pad, Small, 6/PK
41-151Double Hydraulic Clamp Hold Down System
41-157Adjustable Fence (2 knobs)

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July 27, 2017




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