Hot Shot HS/100-BG Heat Vacuum Press Item # UFE-M1740 (used)


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Hot Shot HS/100-BG Heat Vacuum Press

From the seller: “This used press is in Good Working Condition.

Working Area: 100”x52” / 254 x 132 cm 

From the manufacturer:

Hot Shot Heat Vacuum Press

Quality vacuum mounting equipment and mounting supplies available today.  From the “state-of-the-art” “BLACK GLASS” Combination Heat/Vacuum Press to the most widely sold Commercial Cold Vacuum Press, every piece of equipment is built to the exacting standards for over 25 years.  We build all of our presses at our manufacturing plant in Rhode Island.  USA made and USA supported by a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals, mean you have direct access to the people who built and understand your machine.

Introduced in 1998, our newest models of the Original “HOT SHOT” heat/vacuum press continue to offer advanced technology at affordable prices.  We have integrated a “state-of-the-art” BLACK GLASS heated platen that replaces our conventional aluminum platen.  Super strong tempered glass means non-bowing, non-marring, easy to clean, and very consistent and uniform heat over the entire platen.  Thermal loss and temperature variation is minimized by our multi-zoned, embedded heating elements.  We have increased the watt density of all our units to make the pre-heat time shorter and temperature swings practically non-existent.  That means safer and faster mounting due to  the more efficient transfer of heat.  And, because we insulate our press tops to keep the heat in the press, not in the pressroom, our Black Glass units are misers on electricity.  Our units are drawing amperage less than 5% of the time in standby.  Compare that to “See Through” glass heat presses that are drawing amperage up to 50% of the time in standby.  Plus, you can work on our press tops.  They stay absolutely cool, so you don’t lose space in your shop when you are not mounting and your press is on.

Of course, our HS/Series presses feature Modular Controls—a highly accurate digital readout, programmable temperature controller and scientific vacuum gauge to allow for easy operator monitoring of both the heat and vacuum systems.  Automatic shut-off timer, easy open gas springs, durable rubber diaphragm and gasket and a heavy-duty vacuum pump are also standard features of the HS/Series press.  We fabricate the body and top frame of the presses from heavy gauge welded steel (not aluminum).  The “all steel” construction makes it the most durable unit for commercial operation.  These presses can take the punishment of heavy use and deliver reliable, trouble-free vacuum/heat performance for years to come.



Working Area100”x52” / 254 x 132 cm64”x44” / 163 x 112 cm
Overall Dimensions110”(w) x 60”(d) x 8”(h)74”(w) x 52”(d) x 8”(h)
Net Weight600 lbs. / 273 kg429 lbs. / 195 kg
Shipping Weight850 lbs. / 387 kg529 lbs. / 241 kg
Power Requirement (USA)(208-250 VAC / 60 HZ. /  SINGLE PHASE / 4-WIRE (2 HOT, 1 NEUTRAL, 1 GRND))
Power Requirement (Int’l)(208-250 VAC / 50/60 HZ / SINGLE PHASE / 3-WIRE (2 HOT, 1 GRND.))
Pre-Heat (to 200ºF)18 Minutes12 Minutes
Time to Vacuum50 Sec (w/ 2 Pumps)45 Seconds

Price  $3,750

Customers can pick this machine up in Texas or have it shipped for an additional fee.

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July 20, 2018






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