Inmes IM300P Double Miter Saw (used) Item # UE-042122E (New York)

SKU: UE-042122E

Inmes IM300P Double Miter Saw

From the seller ” Low hours. Used it for 6 months. Still has original blades. The hydraulic system that pushes the blades down has been replaced three times and it only fixes the problem for about a month before it fails again.”

Manufactured in 2015

2 blades

Includes dust collector

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***Manufacturer’s Information:

The IM-300P AL was developed for cutting aluminum profiles with precision. The two saw blades are fixed at 45° angles and vertically move up and down assuring a maximum width 3-3/16” and height 3-316” for high productivity.

The machine comes with: IM-300P AL, right roller table extension with 2600mm, saw blade, clamping system, pneumatic lubricator device;

Induction motor (single phase or three phase);

Front access through panel with easy access for changing the saw blades;

Simultaneous actions of the saw blades;

Adjustable speed of blades descent;

Pivot mechanism with conical bearings on cutting arms;

Right and left calibrated scale;

Sliding moulding stop for setting lengths of cuts;

Powdered painting providing better finishing to the equipment and longer durability.


***  It is the buyer’s responsibility to check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.  Although we strive for accurate information, all equipment is sold “As Is”. 

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April 21, 2022


New York


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