Ioline Appliqué Sports Lettering Cutter (used) Item # UE-102621E (Maryland)

SKU: UE-102621E

Ioline Appliqué Sports Lettering Cutter

Model 350HF

Vinyl Letter Cutter for Sports Lettering

From the seller “Like New – Used 6 times. Includes Software / Dongal”

Reason for Selling: No longer doing application

Includes software and dongle

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This machine can be picked up in Maryland or have it shipped for additional fee.

***From the manufacturer:

Versatile cutting & digitizing system
Give your business the competitive edge!

More decorative apparel, embroiderers and promotional products companies use the Ioline 300 System applique and sports letter cutter more than any other letter cutting machine. Companies large and small report that after putting an Ioline 300 System applique and sports letter cutter in their workroom, production time decreases, lead time drops and output jumps – sometimes doubling or more. Running a typical 25 sweatshirt job with letters cut on a 300 System can save two hours compared to the same embroidery-only design!

Stretch your artistic genius
Ioline 300 sample designs

If you’re like the typical Ioline 300 System applique cutter owner, you chose this business because you enjoy creative work. The 300 System gives you greater artistic license—and frees you to offer designs not found in your service bureau’s or competitor’s catalogues.

The clear choice for in-house production of appliqué and sports letters
The 300 System’s small footprint and ease of installation make it an ideal solution for cutting in-house graphics. Compared to other cutting systems, it offers the best combination of profit potential and versatility at the lowest cost.

How can the 300 System help you?
To evaluate whether an Ioline 300 System Applique vinyl letter cutter can help your business, consider the following:

LOST PROFIT: If you pay a service bureau more than $138 per month for pre-cut letters or graphics, you’re losing profit. A 300 can save over $10,000 per year if all of your lettering and sew disks are currently outsourced.
LEAD TIME: When your suppliers can’t deliver materials in time, do you lose orders and/or clients?
HIGH MARGINS: If you don’t use appliqué on embroidered designs, you could be missing out on as much as 50% or more of your potential profit.
PRODUCTION TIME: For every fully stitched design you produce—had you used appliqué—you could have spent as much as half the time stitching another profit-generating job. A typical 25 sweatshirt job with letters cut on a 300 System can save two hours compared to the same embroidery-only design.
WASTE: How often does your service bureau misinterpret your instructions or waste yardage when cutting custom designs?
IMPULSE SALES: Few customers can visualize finished designs. How many new jobs could you earn if you could quickly create inexpensive samples on the spot?
EXCESS INVENTORY: Do you often have leftover letters and numbers because you had to order pre-cut multiples you didn’t need?
MARKET DIFFERENTIATION: Can you offer unique, affordable designs that aren’t easily found across town?
OVER CAPACITY: Does stitch time limit the number of jobs you can do in a day?
DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMERS: Do your customers ask for faster turn-around, then cringe when you tell them the estimated additional cost? Or ask for design modifications that you are unable to provide?
LOST JOBS: Do suppliers’ minimum order policies force you to set minimums? Do you lose smaller jobs because your customers can’t afford or justify the price?


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October 26, 2021




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