ISP Bindery Mate Stitcher (Used) Item # UBE-51 (NC)


ISP Bindery Mate Stitcher

From the seller “This used machine is in good working condition.”

Model 305

Serial #6384


Unit Envelope Size:

Overall: Height 27″ Length 15″ Width 10″

Without Tables and Wire Guide: Height 22″ Length 12 1/2″ Width 4″

Wire (Interlake 417-0025)

Wire Material: 120,000 to 150,000 psi tensile strength tinned steel wire

Wire Size: 25 Gauge (.020″ Diameter)

Wire Spool Weight: 5 Lb. Spool (Fully Loaded Wire)

Stitching Speed:

173 Stitches per minute, full load capacity

199 Stitches per minute, minimum load capacity

Stitching Capacity (20 Lb. Bond Paper)

Minimum Stitching Thickness Adjustment: .94″ Wire Draw, Approx. 57,000 Stitches per 5 Lb. coil

Maximum Stitching Thickness Adjustment: 1.24″ Wire Draw, Approx. 43,000 Stitches per 5 Lb. Coil

Maximum Stitching Thickness: 1/4″

Stitcher: M2000 CTTT-2605-T3 (Equipped with Face Plate Adjustment Lever)

Table (Flip-Up) Saddle (Flip-Down) Lenght: 10″ Width: 4 3/4″

Side Guides: Pop-Up/Pop-Down Pins in Arms which adjust from 7/8″ to 9 5/8″ from center of clincher

Corner Guides: Pop-Up/Pop-Down Pins in Table for 45 degrees corner stitch.

Weight: 30 Lbs. Without Wire Spool 25 Lbs.

$ Call for Pricing

Customers can pick this machine in North Carolina or have it shipped for an additional fee.


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Date of Initial Listing

January 14, 2020




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