Micron MC-20 Grommet Attachment Machine (used) Item # UE-041421A (North Carolina)

SKU: UE-041421A

Micron MC-20 Grommet Attachment Machine

Versatile Fastener interchangeable dies Any size and style of Grommets available Attach Spring Snaps, Ring Snaps, Jean Rivets and Jean Buttons of various sizes and styles
Two ways to adjust its piston pressure air intake pressure control valve adjust the piston pressure from 0-150 PSI (0-10 bar). Stroke up/down keys on the digital display will adjust the piston stroke from 0-150. Capable of applying up to 450 kg of pressure per square centimeter
Features Advanced safety system that prevents the dies from coming down when the operator’s hands are under the dies. Has a laser guidance system that marks the grommet setting point. Digital panel of the MC-20 displays installed fastener count, and piston stroke settings. foot pedal that leaves the operator’s hands free to guide the material while installing fasteners.
Weight 180 lbs.
Electrical 110V

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Customers can pick this machine up in North Carolina or shipped for an additional fee.

UE-041421A – 2488

Thomson Group Clam Shell Die Cutting Machine

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April 14, 2021


North Carolina


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