Picture Framing Equipment Lot: Brevetti Prisma CE Double Miter Saw, Brevetti Underpinner & Supplies (Used) Item # UE-031121B (Virginia)


SKU: UE-031121B

Picture Framing Equipment Lot: Brevetti Prisma CE Double Miter Saw, Brevetti Underpinner & Supplies

From the seller: “Everything in good working order. Unless otherwise specified below.”

Lot Price: $ 1,100 (For What Is Left)

Machines can be purchased individually. See below for pricing.





UE-031121B-3 Seal Masterpiece 500T Mechanical Heat Press  $ 750

*** From the manufacturer & the web:
Designed to consistently provide even heat and pressure  for creative dry mounting and laminating by framing professionals.
Ideal applications for this press include creative dry mounting, laminating and applying texture to artwork of all shapes and sizes.
Press is simple to operate when you are dry mounting, laminating, or backing prints, photos, posters, maps, charts or any frequently handled item which you would like to protect and preserve. They are durable and allow maximum pressure because of their rugged metal construction.
Working area: 26″ x 34″ can take work up to any length
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 37″ x 39″ x 12″
Net Weight 210 lb. (125kg)
Shipping Weight 275 lbs


UE-031121B-4 Logan Model 660 Framers Edge 60″ Mat Cutter  $ 350

*** From the manufacturer:

Logan 650-1, 655-1 & 660-1 Framer’s Edge Elite

Designed for serious volume artists and framers, the Logan Framers Edge series mat cutter is a heavy duty, high production mat cutter with dual purpose straight and bevel cutting head on a sturdy 3/4″ MDF base. The movable production stop system allows for much faster repeat cuts than lower end machines which is crucial for saving time and overall accuracy. Includes two quick change squaring arms 9″(23cm)  and 32″ (81cm), super smooth ball bearing guided cutting head with 4 and 8 ply cutting ability plus start and stop indicator, adjustable production stops. All models include parallel mat guide with aluminum channels plus 10 extra blades. Plus FREE 96 page Home Picture Framing book. Replacement blade #269. Also accepts blade #268 for 8 ply mat board cutting. The Framers Edge series is for the serious volume artist or framer that has production repeat cuts to make and is ideal for an education environment with multiple users.




UE-031121B-2 Brevetti S30ME Vnailer  $ 1,750 (Sold)

Manufactured in 2016

Includes compressor and some vnails.

***Manufacturer’s Information:

Has mechanical vertical and pneumatic horizontal clamping system with adjustable fence.
Large Capacity – moldings up to 4-1/4″ high by 7″ wide
Staples can be set in multiple locations
With frame clamped in place using the foot pedal actuated pneumatics and the mechanical clamps, the nailing head can be moved between two preset locations to ensure secure joining
Staples can be stacked in one location
Joiner designed to work well in custom frame shop with the ability to produce as many as 300 frames per hour.
Joiner uses strip staples for convenient operator change of staple size

Can be ordered with stapling unit for medium and hardwoods and MDF (Type PV) or with stapling unit for soft and medium woods and plastic (Type NP)
Requires compressed air at 90 psi, only utility required
NP stapling unit uses staples from 6mm to 16mm. Creates especially strong joint in MDF and HDF.
PV stapling unit uses staples from 3mm to 14mm
Equipped with mechanical vertical clamps and pneumatically driven horizontal clamp to hold frame securely in place.
Dimensions – 17-3/4″ wide x 23-1/2″ deep by 51-1/8″ high
Weight – 211 lbs


UE-031121B-5 Fletcher Fillet Cutter(Sold)

(currently waiting on photos of this cutter)

*** From the manufacturer:

Fletcher Fillet Chopper adds decorative finishing to any picture frame art for enhancing look and appearance, our Disc Sander, is a perfect tool to “true up” rough cuts, angle corrections, and length variances on moulding or trim corners. It has hardened steel blades preset to a 45 degree cut which can accurately shave as little as 1/32″ inch. It can be mounted to a table top.

Framer’s Picture Framing Tool for Cutting Fillets

Fletcher Frame Square Fillet Chopper Trimmer / Mitre Mite Fillet Cutter

Full Description:

The Fletcher Fillet Chopper is a unique finishing tool that enables you to cut fillets to add a decorative appearance to any framed art pieces.

Hardened Steel blades preset to a 45 degree cut can accurately shave as little as 1/32″

Easily mounts on a table top

Saves time / assures a perfect cut

Cut Fillets with Efficiency, Accuracy and Reliability

Blades can be resharpened

Our Fillet Chopper adds decorative finishing to any picture frame art for enhancing look and appearance

UE-031121B-1 Brevetti Prisma CE Double Miter Saw  $ 3,250 (Sold)
From the seller: “Used for only used 2 years.”
Manufactured in approximately 2016
Includes one set of blades

***From Manufacturer / Distributor Website:


Functional, attractive double blade miter saw well suited to low to medium volume custom frame shop whose market demands larger moldings for its frames

Cuts molding up to 7″ wide by 3 1/4″ high

Right and left moulding support arms with attached measure marks

Sliding stop to facilitate multiple accurate, equal length cuts

Mechanical clamps to hold molding secure during cutting stroke to help maintain smooth and accurate cuts in the moulding and reduce waste

Includes two high quality 275 mm, 80 tooth blades from Tenryu, manufacturer of industrial saw blades for 100 years. (100 tooth blades optional)


(2) 275mm (10-13/16″) saw blades/ bore 32mm(1-1/4″)/ 80 tooth (100 tooth available)

(2) 1.5HP 220V/60Hz single phase motors

(2) 52 1/2″ molding support arms

(2) mechanical hold down clamps for moulding

78 3/4″ measuring scale

Cuts molding up to 7″ wide by 3 1/4″ high

Right sliding stop for repeatable cuts

Blade Rotation speed – 3200 RPM

Dimensions – 48″ (w) x 27 9/16″ (d) x 44 1/16″ (h)

Weight 363 lbs.

Machine Demo:

Product Manual :


Customers can pick these items up in Virginia or have them shipped for an additional fee.
*** Although we strive for accuracy, some specifications are provided to us by seller. It is a good idea to double check specifications by manufacturing company for possible errors of information. Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.  Feel free to call us if you have further questions before purchasing.
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Date of Initial Listing

March 11, 2021






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