Picture Framing Equipment Lot: CTD N90, OMGA V235NC, Hoffmann MS35SF , MegaMaq Double Miter Saws (used) Item # UE-052220C (California)

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Picture Framing Equipment Lot: CTD N90, OMGA V235NC & Hoffmann MS35SF, MegaMaq Double Miter Saws

Items in this lot are also available for individual purchase. 

Used by woodworking and picture framers to cut / miter moulding

$ Call for Pricing

Machines can be purchased individually. See below:

UE-052220C-1  CTD Model PF N90 – Fixed 45° Double Miter Saw w/  RazorGage – Programmable Saw Stop  $ Call for Pricing
Included:  4 x 18″ blades, 100 tooth (1 set Amana, the other CTD)
Serial # 447

18” Blade Capacity with 1” arbor / Blade size is 350mm with 30mm arbor

5 H.P. 3 Phase 480 Volt TEFC Motors.

Magnetic Starter, Air Down feed of saw heads, Hold Down Clamps, Dust Outlets, Safety cage with interlock switch and surge protector.

Razor Gauge Pusher/feeder System. Will feed up to 12’ stock length. Horizontal clamps on feeder to hold stock. Pusher system utilizes a windows based controller and includes autolist for part sorting and optimization.

The Saw/Feeder combo provides a semi-automated cutting operation. An operator loads stock into the feeder, which will then advance the stock to the first cut. After the first cut, the pusher will automatically advance the stock the set length and actuate the saw and will continue this operation until it’s completed all available cuts on that piece of stock. Hold down clamps, saw head actuation and feeder advance are all automated. The feeder will then return to home position ready for another piece of stock.

***From the manufacturers

RazorGage programmable saw stop.  Mounted next to a saw, the RazorGage positions a stop against which the lineal stock is placed.  When the operator cycles the saw, the part is cut to a precise length.  RazorGage includes a PC and a 17” LCD touch screen.  A number of special functions are included in the software to even further improve productivity at the saw including Fraction Hot Keys, 256 Preset Buttons, AutoPusher Screen, Download Work Order Screen, and the optional AutoList cutlist download, defect, and optimizing feature.

CTD N90S – Part Number

PFN90SThe CTD Model N90 has been designed for a variety of heavy duty cutting applications, such as 45° double mitre cutting, notching of aluminum and plastic extrusions, or toe-notching of wood panels. This heavy duty machine can have blades set for notching or mitering. Blades move vertically on linear bearings on 1-1/4″ (32mm) diameter hardened and ground rods. Keyed fences allow for each set-up and accurate dimensional changes.


Blade Capacity:
16″ OD (406mm); saw blades not included.
18″ OD (457mm); optional

Arbor: 1″ (25mm) with 3-1/2″ (89mm) saw collars; mounted on preloaded and sealed bearings; 2-belt drive; 2800 RPM of spindle.

Motors & Voltages: Two, 3 H.P. 3 Phase 230/460 Volt Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motors, 60 Hz, 1725 RPM with Dual Magnetic Starter; 5 H.P. Motors available.

Table Base: Precision machined and ground iron castings with milled keyways to guide fences; allows for easy and accurate dimensional changes.

Floor Stand: Heavy gage steel; stand is completely enclosed with 6″ (152mm) dust collector outlet and scrap chute; 1200 CFM required.

Actuation: Air operated by foot valve with cover.

Air Pressure & Consumption: 6 CFM at 100 PSI (.17 cubic meters/minute at 7.03 kg/cm2) based on 6 strokes per minute; includes air filter/ regulator/lubricator with auto drain.

Size & Weight: Standard Toe-Notch Machine 42″ (107cm) Wide x 42″ (107cm) front to back x 62″ (157cm) High; Weight 900 lbs. (410kg).

Production Rate: Up to 10 strokes per minute.

Cutting Capacity: Staggered Saw Blades/ Toe-Notch Configuration; 6″ (152mm) x 6″ (152mm) Deep x 4″ (102mm) High

Mitre Cutting/Staggered Saw Blades; 4-1/8″ (105mm) Wide x 4″ (102mm) High

Mitre Configuration/Non-Staggered Saw Blades; 4″ (102mm) Wide x 4″ (102mm) High; up to 6″ (152mm) High with special blade guard modification at extra charge.


UE-052220C-2   OMGA V235 NC – Double Miter Saw with Horizontal Hopper / Feeder    $ Call for Pricing

Elec Needs: 460 V 3 Phase
Saw Blade Size: 350mm with 30 mm bore

The V235 is an automated double miter saw. This unit has the horizontal hopper/feeder option which is much more reliable and less finicky than the vertical hopper option. The hopper will position the stock for the shuttle feeder to grip the stock and index it to position for the first 45° cut. The feeder will then advance the stock to your programmed lengths, while the heads automatically cut. There is an outfeed conveyor and kicker to push your cut parts into a collection tray or box. Scrap drops down into a scrap chute and dust is evacuated through 2 ea 3” ports on either side of the machine.

The unit’s computer and software was upgraded a couple of years ago and a touchscreen input was added.

*** Manufacturer’s Information


The V235 NC is a high speed precision fixed blade 45° mitre saw, specially developed for the picture frame industry. The machine is fitted with an on board computer enabling it to operate in various cutting modes.  With a choice of vertical or horizontal feed systems, and an outfeed conveyor belt with a pneumatic sequence kicker, makes the V235 NC a truly automatic mitre cutting line for continuous cutting of picture frame moulding.

The on board computer working on Windows 7 operating system is fitted with a 17″ color screen, allowing the operator clear graphic guide menus of the programming mode and a constant updated status when in production mode. Three different types of operation are available to suite your production requirements
Continue Execution: Cutting all pieces of one length then the next etc
Alternate Execution: Cutting long then short pieces alternately
Sequence Execution: Allowing the operator to determine the cutting sequence

The V 235 NC also features an optimizing system for maximum yield, high-speed feed carriage, and zero change-over time.  Production can achieve 1000-1500 pieces/hr.

The control interface includes an 8″ screen showing all relevant production information.

Technical Data

Max cutting width3 9/16″
Max cutting height2 3/4″
Motor power HP4
Saw blade bore30 mm
Saw blades Diameter350 mm
Auto mitre positionN/A
Overall dimensions98″ x 33″ x 63″
Crated dimensions108″ x 69″ x 75″
Crated dimensions Hopper98″ x 29″ x 43″
Dust chute2 X 3″
Max feed stroke47″
UE-052220C-3   Hoffmann Model MS35SF    $ Call for Pricing

Manufactured: 2000

Hoffmann MS35SF Double Miter Saw with Dovetail routing stations and infeed and outfeed tables.

Hoffmann Machine Company

Serial No: S071137

50 Hz 220V

350mm diameter saw blades

The Hoffmann Model MS35SF Double Miter Saw is equipped with two sawing and routing stations, mounted at fixed 90 degree angle to each other. Each station consists of a saw blade to cut the material, and a routing head to rout either one or two dovetail keyways per miter.

Different routing heights can be set for each position to allow the processing of profiled molding or material joined with a compound miter.

***Manufacturer’s Information:


The Hoffmann MS35SF Double Miter Saw is equipped with two sawing and routing stations, mounted at a fixed 90 degree angle to each other. Each station consists of a saw blade to cut the material, and a routing head to rout either one or two dovetail keyways per miter.

Solid hard and softwood as well as MDF, MDO, particleboard, composite material and PVC shutter profiles can be cut to size and routed for Hoffmann Dovetail Keys in one cycle.

MS35SF with optional ELA-2 length stop system

Different routing heights can be set for each position to allow the processing of profiled moulding or material joined with a compound miter. The key locations can be adjusted by the operator from 1/4″ – 3 1/8″ = 6-80mm, measured from the tip of the mitered end. These adjustments are displayed on calibrated “SIKO” counters, assuring perfect repeatability.

MS35SF – keyway position adjustment detail

The Hoffmann MS35SF double miter saw is equipped with a 7 3/4″ wide and 63” long aluminum table on the right side of the machine.

Moving the length stop to the desired location and locking it in place sets the work-piece length. The length measurement is shown directly on the stop assembly with a digital display, the accuracy is .001″ = .01mm. The operator can change the display from fractional inches to decimal inches or decimal millimeters.

An infeed material support table is supplied for the left side of the machine; the length is 63″ = 160cm.


The material (raw stock, finished moulding, shutter profiles, etc.) is being placed on the left material support table.
The operator actuates the foot switch to secure the work-piece with eight pneumatic clamps. For operator safety, at this stage the clamps extend only with low pressure to secure the material.
Once the material is secured, the operator removes his hands from the material and presses the START button.
A metal safety shield is pneumatically lowered (again with low pressure) across the front of the machine, covering both saw blades and all pneumatic hold-down clamps.
Once the shield has reached its lowered position, the pressure on the shield and on the hold-down clamps is increased to 90 psi and the saw heads begin their downward travel.
Once the material is cut, the saws return to their upper home position and both tables slide open.
Routing heads move up to rout the first key location, then down, over and up again to rout the second location.

The tables move back to the center of the machine, the safety shield is raised and the pneumatic clamps release the material.

UE-052220C-4  MegaMaq SS 85PN – Pneumatic Double Miter Saw    $ Call for Pricing
Precision double miter saw. Cutting Capacity is 3-⅛” Wide x 3-⅛” thick.
(2) 2HP arbor motors with automatic shutoff safety system when front panel is raised. Measuring stop for high production of repeat cuts, includes aluminum scale for precision and durability. Uses 300mm diameter blades with 30mm arbor.
These items can be picked up in California or shipped for an additional fee.
***  It is the buyer’s responsibility to check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.  Although we strive for accurate information, all equipment is sold “As Is”. 
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May 22, 2020






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