Picture Framing Equipment Lot: Pistorius EMN-14 Saw, ITW AMP VN2+1 Vnailer, Fletcher 3000 & Supplies (used) Item # UE-112720B (Louisiana)

SKU: UE-112720B

Picture Framing Equipment Lot: Pistorius EMN-14 Saw, ITW AMP VN2+1 Vnailer, Fletcher 3000 & Supplies

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Available Items in Lot:

    • SKU # UE-112720B-5 Fletcher – Terry 2100 60″ Mat Cutter
    • SKU # UE-112720B-6 Fletcher – Terry 2100 60″ Mat Cutter
    • SKU # UE-112720B-8 ITW AMP Mini Miter Fillet Cutter
    • SKU # UE-112720B-9 Canvas Stretching Tools
    • SKU # UE-112720B-11 Torit Dust Collector

Sold Items in Lot:

    • SKU # UE-112720B-1 Pistorius EMN-14 Double Miter Saw
    • SKU # UE-112720B-3 Fletcher – Terry 3000 60″ Multi Material Cutter
    • SKU # UE-112720B-2 Mitre Mite VN2+1 Joiner / Vnailer / Underpinner
    • SKU # UE-112720B-4 Fletcher – Terry 8448 48″ Multi Material Cutter
    • SKU # UE-112720B-7 Bienfang Masterpiece 550 Mechanical Heat Press
    • SKU # UE-112720B-10 Flat Files

From the seller: “All machines are in good working condition unless otherwise specified below.”

Machines can be purchased as a lot or individually.  See below for individual item pricing.

UE-112720B-1 Pistorius EMN-14 Double Miter Saw  $ 7,500 (Sold)
Includes measuring table and air stop

*** From the Manufacturer & the web

Pistorius EMN14 SaW


Blade Capacity: 14″

Maximum Cutting Height: 5″

Maximum Cutting Width: 6″

Motor HP (2): 2

Electrical: 230/460V(Wired 230)/3PH

Dust Outlet (2): 4″

Variable Speed Pneumatic Feed Down for Saw Blades,

Foot Pedal

(2) 14″ Blades

Side Scrap Discharge Chute

Safety Guards

Approx. Shipping Weight: 700 Lbs.

Approx. Shipping Dimensions: 48″ L x 48″ W x 59″ H

UE-112720B-2 Mitre Mite VN2+1 Joiner / Vnailer / Underpinner  $ (Sold)
Includes custom support / wings stand, foot pedal and extra boxes of Vnails
***From the Manufacturer:
 Unique Performance Features

The U-300 is a bench-top, frame joining machine and the most popular model of custom framer, sign and graphic shops. It is compact, well constructed, and built for many years of trouble free operation. The design of the U-300 allows the operator to set the front and back measuring stops for V-Nail insertion. The frame is then moved across the nail head and V-Nails are driven or stacked anywhere along the frame joint. The V-Nail insertion is actuated through the use of a pneumatic pedal.

  • Features pneumatic loader to eliminate nail jams
  • “Soft Clamping” pneumatic feature for damage free joints
  • Quick-change, magnetic pad hold down feature fitting most moulding profiles
  • Small table-top footprint needed – 19” (485mm) wide x 18” (456mm) length x 14” (356mm) high
  • Operates only with pneumatic air, no electrical hook-up needed
  • Dual function foot pedal for separate control of mould clamping and V-Nail insertion
  • Designed with a unique, trouble free piston V-Nail driver block-blade system for years of dependable single and multi-stacking operations

Frame Joining Capabilities

Moulding Width
(min to max)

Moulding Height
(min to max)

Max Distance
Between V-Nails

¼” up to 3 3/4”
(6-60 mm)

¼” up to 3 ¼”
(6-80 mm)

3 1/4” (80 mm)

Pre-set V-Nail
Position Stops

V-Nail Sizes

V-Nail Channel


5, 7,10,12,15 mm

UE-112720B-3 Fletcher – Terry 3000 60″ Multi Material Cutter  $ Call for Pricing (Sold)
Manufactured 08 / 99
***From the manufacturer:
The 3000 is the ideal product to make short work of the critical task of preparing your materials for framing. With its simplistic design and user-friendly cutting head, you will see an immediate improvement in accuracy and productivity in the first day of use. Our versatile 3000 unit features a three position cutting turret for glass, acrylics and mat board sizing. Equipped with a patented score and break-out feature, the 3000 unit provides effortless and operator-safe cutting with every use.

Available in 48″ (1219mm) or 60″ (1524mm) vertical cutting capacity.

Manufacturer’s Information:

The Fletcher 3000® Wall Machine has a proven track record of success in frame shops worldwide. With its innovative and patented cutting process, the 3000 provides effortless cutting of the materials that matter to you most. The 3000 has quickly become the standard in picture framing for sizing of matboard, foamboard,glass and plastics; all with equal accuracy and consistency.

Patented glass cutting turret has a ramping feature that allows the lifting of turret device on top edge of glass resulting in a cleaner edge break.

Wall mounted or free-standing

Substrate Cutting Capabilities:

Glass:   Up to 1/4″ (6 mm)

Mirror:  Up to 1/4″ (6 mm)

Acrylic:  Up to 1/4″ (6 mm)

Matboard:  4, 8, 12 ply

Foamboard:  Up to  1/4″ (6 mm)

Technical Specifications:

Vertical Cutting Capacity: 60″ (1.52m)

Cutting Head: Rides on high tensile strength steel, hard chrome plated and polished, resulting in smoother gliding action for consistent cutting head performance and longevity.

Vertical Bars: Rails do not bend or flex during the cutting process for straight, accurate cutting over the entire substrate height.

Material Clamping System: Patented lever-type clamping system that secures in place substrate heights up to 60″ (152cm) to prevent buckling and shifting of material during the cutting process.

Machine Dimensions:

Height: 72″ (183 cm)

Width: 80″ (203 cm)

Depth: 11.64″ (30 cm)

Weight:  70 lbs. / 32 kg

Cut Capacity: 60″ (152 cm)

Needed Wall Space: 36.38 sq. ft.

Shipping Weight: 110 lbs./ 49 kg

UE-112720B-4 Fletcher – Terry 8448 48″ Multi Material Cutter   (Sold)

UE-112720B-5 Fletcher – Terry 2100 60″ Mat Cutter  $ 650

UE-112720B-6 Fletcher – Terry 2100 60″ Mat Cutter  $ 650
There are two cutters available.
Both includes stops and squaring arms

*** From the manufacturer

Fletcher-Terry 2200 Mat Cutter

Professional level mat or mount board cutter for creating bevels and producing V-Grooves as decorative features and finishes in matboard up to 4-ply. Features a dual cutting feature for matboard specialty cutting or a 90° cutting feature for sizing matboard or cutting of foamboard up to 1/2” (13mm). Available machine sizes, 48” (1.2m) or 60” (1.5m).

Besides being used at many global custom frame shops, the 2200 is a great investment and business expansion tool for sign companies, photo studios, boutique shops, quick printers, and arts & crafts shops.

Our Fletcher 2200 mat cutter provides specialty cutting for creating bevels and producing v-grooves in mat board used for picture framing and art / graphics retail matting.

Available in 48″or 60″ cutting capacity.

Product Description

Performance Features:

Manual mat cutting for sizing cuts, cutting bevels and producing v-grooves.

Cuts 4-ply mat board.

Straight line cutting of foam board up to 1/2″ (13 mm).

Maximum material cutting thickness: 1/2″ (13mm), 90 degrees cut only.

Available machine sizes: 48″ (1.2m) and 60″ (1.5m).

used by picture framers & artist

UE-112720B-7 Bienfang Masterpiece 550 Mechanical Heat Press  $ Call for Pricing (Sold)

Includes: 2 Tacking Irons, and 2 Roller Perforators

***From the manufacturer:

The Expression® (EXP) 550 Mechanical Press is designed to provide consistent heat and uniform pressure for mounting, laminating, or texturing large items including photos, plaques, and artwork. The 550 Mechanical Press has an easy-to-read digital display with touch pad controls. Factory presets programs are also installed for processing popular applications. The 550 Mechanical Press can process large pieces up to 51” wide by any length.


Digital display.

Touch-pad controls.

Preset programs for running common applications.

Capable of finishing pieces even larger than the press itself.

Durable framework.

U/L listed.


Working Capacity: 26” x 34” (can process up to 51” wide)

Dimensions: 39” x 37” x 12”

Shipping Weight: 275 lbs.

Power: 120V AC, 12 Amps

UE-112720B-8 ITW AMP Mini Miter Fillet Cutter  $ Call for Pricing

Includes measuring arm

UE-112720B-9 Canvas Stretching Tools  $ Call for Pricing

UE-112720B-10 Flat Files  $ (Sold)

UE-112720B-11 Torit Dust Collector  $ Call for Pricing
3 Phase

Customers can pick these items up in Louisiana or have them shipped for an additional fee.

*** Although we strive for accuracy, some specifications are provided to us by seller. It is a good idea to double check specifications by manufacturing company for possible errors of information. Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.  Feel free to call us if you have further questions before purchasing.
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All used items are sold “As Is”. There are no implied warranties or guarantees. Statement of condition is provided to us by the seller. Although we strive to obtain the best information from the seller, AIM is not responsible for inaccuracies provided to us by seller. It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect machinery; crosscheck with seller or manufacturer regarding descriptions and specifications that appear in this listing.

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November 27, 2020






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