Picture Framing Equipment Lot (used) Item # AGFS-41 (Minnesota)


Picture Framing Equipment Lot

Used by picture framers & artist

Great for an additional location or new business venture!

From the seller: “Am retiring. All equipment in this lot are in good working order.”

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Item is this listing can be purchase separately


AGFS-41a Esterly Speed 3240 Mat Cutter (Sold)

Size 34 x 40″

Used by framers and artists cut matboard in the framing process

***From the manufacturer:

Information below is from the manufacturer’s website: . It is for their current generation machine. Contact manufacturer for optional attachments that may necessary for your needs.

The Standard can be used to cut:
· Squares/Rectangles

· Double & triple mats

· V-Grooves

· 2-Ply to 8-Ply mats

· Reverse Bevels

· Stepped corners

· Title drop-outs

· Diamond cuts

· Multiple-openings

· Even Glass & Plexi!

AGFS-41b Jyden / Jayden Chopper (Sold)

Includes measuring table & an extra set of blades

Used by picture framers and woodworkers to miter cut wood moulding.

***From the web:

Morso Model F mitring machine cuts double mitre at 45° and single mitre up to 90°. Tenon, mortise joints, and a wide variety of angled cuts can also be made.

… will have no dust compared to a saw.

…. waste of your moulding will be minimized as chopper cuts double mitres very close

….leaves the cut surface of the wood perfectly smooth and accurate, requiring no further preparation before joining.

…..The sliding measuring scale stop allows accurate repeat work.

…very easy operation as springs automatically bring the knives back to starting position.

….. is manually operated with a foot pedal – needs no compressor or electricity and can therefore be operated anywhere.



AGFS-41c Cold Vacuum Mount Press

This cold vacuum press is used by picture framers and artists to mount posters, artwork, photos, and other material onto substrates.


AGFS-41d C&H Mat Cutter

Size: 48″

This tabletop straight line cutter is used by framers and artists cut matboard in the framing process


AGFS-41e Cassese CS910 Vnailer

This Vnailer / Joiner / Underpinner are used by framers to join frame moulding corner in picture framing process.

Includes: a supply of wedges


AGFS-41f Additional Frame Moulding, Framing Supplies and Material
AGFS-41G C&H Glass Cutter
These items can be picked up in Minnesota or shipped for an additional fee.
*** Check the web / manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.
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Condition of Item

Good Working

Date of Initial Listing

May 16, 2019




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