Picture Framing Equipment Lot (used) Item # AGFS-67 (Illinois)



Picture Framing Equipment Lot

  • Everything needed to start your framing business. Used by picture framers & artists

Great for an additional location or new business venture!


Lot Price:  $8,000

From the seller “All the equipment is in good working condition.”

Items contained in lot:

AGFS-67a Festool KS-120 Sliding Compound Miter Sliding Saw KAPEX  $1,200 

Underframe UG-KA-KS 120-Set (left / right wing measuring system & support stand)

*** From the manufacturer

The Kapex is the most advanced sliding compound miter saw in the market today. In the hands of a carpenter, this saw will make cuts that rival the finest trim work being done today. Engineered to be light weight and compact, the KS 120 is the perfect saw for the workshop or the jobsite. Effective dust extraction, precise cuts, easy adjustments, and quality components are some of the features that should make this saw the number one choice of professional tradesmen.

  • The KAPEX features a rail forward design which increases precision and creates a compact footprint while preventing head play for accurate cuts.
  • Easily align cuts from the left or right side using the dual lasers. The lasers clearly define the material which will be removed during the cut.
  • Micro-adjustable bevel angle with up-front rotary knob. Large bevel scale and fine pointers make it easy to set precise bevel angles.
  • Dust extraction up to 91% with behind the cut dust hood and pivoting 36 mm hose.


AGFS-67b Ridgid 16 Gal. 6.5-Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vac  $ 80

  • *** From the manufacturer
  • 6.5 peak HP motor provides powerful suction for heavy-duty cleanups
  • Included locking accessories secure all attachments from hose to tool
  • 2-1/2 in. Dia accessory size is optimal size to resist clogging and make cleaning large messes quick and easy
  • Blowing port provides for blowing leaves from walkways and decks
  • 20 ft. cord provides extensive reach
  • Built-in drain for easy emptying of liquids


AGFS-67c  Fletcher-Terry F6100 Computerized Mat Cutter  $ 3,500

Used by picture framers to cut mats

Programmable CMC for cutting matboard



AGFS-67d Fletcher-Terry F2100 48″  Mat Cutter  $ 400

*** From the manufacturer

Fletcher-Terry 2200 Mat Cutter

Professional level mat or mount board cutter for creating bevels and producing V-Grooves as decorative features and finishes in matboard up to 4-ply. Features a dual cutting feature for matboard specialty cutting or a 90° cutting feature for sizing matboard or cutting of foamboard up to 1/2” (13mm). Available machine sizes, 48” (1.2m) or 60” (1.5m).

Besides being used at many global custom frame shops, the 2200 is a great investment and business expansion tool for sign companies, photo studios, boutique shops, quick printers, and arts & crafts shops.

Our Fletcher 2200 mat cutter provides specialty cutting for creating bevels and producing v-grooves in mat board used for picture framing and art / graphics retail matting.

Available in 48″or 60″ cutting capacity.

Product Description

Performance Features:

Manual mat cutting for sizing cuts, cutting bevels and producing v-grooves.
Cuts 4-ply mat board.
Straight line cutting of foam board up to 1/2″ (13 mm).
Maximum material cutting thickness: 1/2″ (13mm), 90 degrees cut only.
Available machine sizes: 48″ (1.2m) and 60″ (1.5m).
used by picture framers & artist


AGFS-67e Fletcher-Terry F3100 Wall Cutter  $ 900

***Manufacturer’s Information:

Fletcher 3100 Multi-Material Cutter will cut hardboard, Gator board, foam board, and mat board, and will score glass and plastic. Our versatile 3100 Multi-Material Cutter features a spring-loaded cutting assembly with an interchangeable pillar post allowing you the convenience of quickly switching from one material to another.

Wall-mounted machine available in 63″ cutting capacity

Cuts matboard and foamboard and up to 1/2″ (12.7mm) thick

Cuts hardboard (MDF) up to 3/32″ (2.4mm)

Scores glass and plastic up to 1/4″ (6.35mm)

Fletcher 3100 Multi-Material Cutter will cut hardboard, Gator board, foam board, and mat board, and will score glass and plastic.

Interchangeable Cutting Head Technology

Cuts clean, debris-free, no secondary processing

Optional laser sight line for accurate cutting

Mounts on wall or free-standing

Cuts wide range of substrates

Substrate Cutting Capabilities:

Glass Up to 1/4” (6mm)
Plastics & Acrylics 
Up to 1/4” (6mm)
Aluminum Sheets 
Up to .040”
Up to 3/32” (2.4mm)
 Up to .078” (2mm)
Gator Board 
Up to 1/2” (13mm)

Technical Specifications:

Vertical Cutting Capacity: 63″ (1.6m)

Cutting Head: Rides on high tensile strength steel, hard chrome plated and polished, resulting in smoother gliding action for consistent cutting head performance and longevity.

Vertical Bars: Rails do not bend or flex during the cutting process for straight, accurate cutting over the entire substrate height.

Material Clamping System: Patented lever-type clamping system that secures in place substrate heights up to 60″ (152cm) to prevent buckling and shifting of material during the cutting process.


AGFS-67f Seal Masterpiece 500T-X Dry Mount Press  $ 750

*** From the manufacturer & the web:
Designed to consistently provide even heat and pressure  for creative dry mounting and laminating by framing professionals.
Ideal applications for this press include creative dry mounting, laminating and applying texture to artwork of all shapes and sizes.
Press is simple to operate when you are dry mounting, laminating, or backing prints, photos, posters, maps, charts or any frequently handled item which you would like to protect and preserve. They are durable and allow maximum pressure because of their rugged metal construction.
Working area: 26″ x 34″ can take work up to any length
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 37″ x 39″ x 12″
Net Weight 210 lb. (125kg)
Shipping Weight 275 lbs


AGFS-67g Craftsman Bench Top Miter Belt /Disc Sander  $ 80

Used by picture framers to smooth moulding ends after it has be cut on the saw for tighter frame joints.



AGFS-67h Traco SS Shrink Wrap Machine  w/ partial roll of film  $ 150

Shrink Wrap Heat Gun / Shrink Wrap Sealers


AGFS-67i Jet 1000CFM Air Filtration System with Remote  $ 250

*** From the manufacturer & the web:

Simply hang it from the ceiling and turn it on, and it will clear the room of those fine dust particles. This unit was the first with remote control, timer and three speeds – now standard in the industry.


  • Disposable Electrostatic Outer Filter attracts more dust particles than standard filters
  • Inner Pocket Filter is removable for easy cleaning
  • Easy Grip Handles allow easy portability of unit
  • Four Eye Bolts (with AFS-1000B only) let you hang unit from shop ceiling
  • Remote Control has built-in timer with 2, 4 and 8-hour settings; automatically shuts system off at the end of the time setting


AGFS-67j Customer Counter  $ 200

13′ 10″ in length

Can be disassembled for easy transportation


AGFS-67k Tools & Supplies Lot  $ 900

Lot Includes:

Fletcher Point Drivers – Quantity 3 – with supplies of Points
Canvas Stretching Pliers Quantity 2
Framing Hardware – Assorted Bulk
2 Craft paper dispensers with craft roll
Attach-EZ Object Mounting System For Picture Framing
Framing Vises – Quantity 6
ATG Guns – Quantity 2
Fillet Tape
Frame Corner Samples
Tape Dispenser – Quantity 2
Picture Frame Self-Adhesive Transparent Bumpers
Deluxe “Floreat” Hangers
Seal “Selector III” Tacking Iron
Assorted Matboard
Matboard Racks / Holder
Art Print Rack & Sleeves
Touch up markers


AGFS-67L Work Desk  $ 200


AGFS-67M C&H Thumbnail Master Router / Joiner   $ 500

CH Thumbnailer Model: TN1000M

Thumbnailer includes:  dust collector, and bags of inserts.

Used for joining mitered moulding like picture frames

*** From the manufacturer & the web:


The C&H Thumbnail Master is a popular thumbnail router with framing businesses, large and small. It is very versatile and easy to use. The Thumbnail Master joiner provides routing of thumbnail channels at 6 depth capabilities, all easily set on an easy-to-read dial. It can do thumbnailing of mouldings up to 1 7/8″ deep and has a changeable clamping height which can hold mouldings from 1/2″ to 3 3/4″ tall. It has an easy grip guide handle and ratcheted bit handle for simple adjustment of the routing bit.



Customers can pick up these machines in Illinois or have it shipped for an additional fee.


  • *** Although we strive for accuracy, some specifications are provided to us by seller. It is a good idea to double check specifications by manufacturing company for possible errors of information. Feel free to call us if you have further questions before purchasing.

Catalog Item #


Condition of Item

Good Working

Date of Initial Listing

August 8, 2019






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