SawGear Mitre Saw Automated Stop Gauge (New) Item # NFE-373

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SawGear Mitre Saw Automated Stop Gauge

“From the Manufacturer:

Don’t Measure, Don’t Mark, Just Cut!

SawGear by TigerStop is an affordable solution for smaller shops, lean work cells, or job site contractors looking for a true productivity tool to make them more efficient.  TigerStop’s SawGear gives you the competitive advantage you need to finish jobs sooner and with higher quality and lower cost.

SawGear streamlines the measuring process for shops and contractors by providing an easy to use, accurate, and portable automated measuring solution for your saws and other machine tools.  SawGear is accurate to plus or minus 1/128”, is job site rugged, and is easy to use: simply enter a dimension on the keypad, SawGear will move, then slap your material against the stop and make your cuts – both straight cuts and mitre cuts.

SawGear is available in 8 foot and 12 foot working lengths, and it fits on either the right or left side of your mitre (miter) saws or machine tools. SawGear mounts directly to your work bench or to any saw stand with our universal saw stand mounting brackets.

This is a lighter weight version of TigerStop

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November 26, 2018


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