Schiavo Puma-SL CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Table (New) Item # GM-2


Schiavo Puma-SL CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Table

New Machine with Factory Warranty

Manufactured in Italy

Video of Machine in Operation

Manufacturer’s Information:

Structure and working plan
All SCHIAVO cutting tables are characterized by a robust welded steel frame. The flatness of the working plan is carefully checked and tested with optical measuring instruments. The working plan, after being controlled, is covered with wooden panels and black felt.
Inside the table is placed the blower that generates a strong air flow through the holes on the plan. The SCHIAVO tables are characterized by a high number of holes for the air outlet , thus making it more lightweight and easy movement of the glass plate. Furthermore to the air cushion system is provided for immediate opening / closing of the airflow. Model PUMA-S is provided of hydraulic tilting of the working plan and N° 2 pneumatic cylinders help the operator to turn the glass sheet for laminated glass cutting. Model PUMA-SL is provided with N° 4 tilting arms which go out from the working plan for the glass loading.
Cutting head

The cutting head , specifically designed to obtain the maximum cutting precision is equipped with the following devices:
– Proportional control of cutting pressure. Through the optimization software , the cutting head automatically adjusts the cutting pressure in function of the thickness of the glass.
  Digital display for pressure reading
  Axis control with sensor head, to avoid cuts off plate
  Lubrication adjustment
– Laser device for automatic squaring of the glass plate
  Laser device for the acquisition of shapes by reading dime of any material ( optional)

Mechanics and Electronic

–   High precision linear guide for cutting bridge movement and helical toothed rack

Double High precision linear guide for cutting head movement.

Helical toothed rack and high precision gear motor

    Brushless Motors Yaskawa Electric

–          Electric components (Siemens, Schneider Electric)

–          CNC by Italian company. Reliable and stable from -5 to 40°C

–          Mechanical components from Italy and Germany

Overall Description Puma-SL
Automatic cutting table for shape cuts X,Y, C. Structure made of electro-welded steel tubular pipes. Accurately flat working plain covered of black wool felt. Powerful air cushion system. 4 tilting arms to load glass sheets on the working surface of the table. Cutting bridge made up of steel and placed lengthwise to the machine and it is set in motion by Brushless motors. Cutting pressure is adjusted in accordance with glass thickness through the operator. Lubrication system for cutting tool. All the movement are controlled by CNC numerical control and the transmission is by rack and pinions. N° 2 breaking bars (1 transversal + 1 longitudinal) activated pneumatically. PC and cut optimization software by Perfect Cut included.
General Technical Data of Puma-SL
Maximum glass dimensions:                           3700×2550 mm
Working height:                                              900±20 mm
Thickness:                                                       3-19 mm
Tolerance:                                                        ± 0,15 mm
Speed:                                                             150 m/min
Air fan:                                                            N° 1
Tilting:                                                 Pneumatic
N° Cylinders:                                                  2
Breaking Bars:                                                            1+1
Air compressed:                                              6-7 bar
Standard voltage:                                            220V or 480V 3phase 60hz
Power:                                                             6.5 Kw
Weight:                                                           1500 Kg
Double zero:                                                    –
PC and workstation:                                       Included
Optimization software:                                   Included
Description of the software
The optimization software Perfect Cut includes:
  1. Perfect CAD;
  2. Perfect DXF;
  3. Perfect Spline;
  4. Perfect Shape;
  5. Perfect Label;
Here a brief description of the content.
  1. Perfect CAD is a CAD software specifically designed for the glass sector, with all the functions that are fundamental for glass shapes. Its main feature is its user-friendliness, despite its completeness and usefulness. The training course lasts one day only.
  1. Perfect DXF is a limitation of Perfect CAD to DXF format import and subsequent changes to the layout, such as grinding offset, edging, edge advance, shape initial node definition, cutting direction, tool to be used (if different from the default one, e.g. for open cut) for some entities (curves or segments).
  1. One Perfect CAD option is Perfect Spline that allows acquiring points from a carton prototype of the shape by using a laser device, a digital drafting machine or a drawing tablet and connecting points with an optimal curve, always tangent and with the minimum number of entities (arcs or segments).

Perfect Shape is a program for parametric shape management. With this software the user can create new parametric shapes that can be immediately used. One of its main feature is the correspondence between parametric and text format files, with a metalanguage geometry-oriented. The customer can change existing shapes or creating new ones by using the metalanguage. It offers the possibility of receiving new shapes via E-mail or other means and inserting them automatically in the package (by double clicking); as well as storing the shape in proprietor or DXF format and using CAD for subsequent changes to the shape.

Perfect Label is a program for professional printing of labels for the glass sector. It uses the same data as the optimizer. It allows managing different models of label (divided according to families or customers), by setting the page and defining the labels format.  The fields can be easily inserted on a model, it is possible to change font type and size. Different kinds of selection and ordering are available. It is possible to insert the company logo or to print fields with bar codes. Specific management of the fields “date” and “shape”.
Remote assistance. It is possible to connect by internet the computer of the cutting table with the aftersales office to get immediate assistance. The technician can check and resolve any software and electronic issue.
For mechanical assistance the local technical service will support you for all customer needs.


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Customers can pick up this machine in California or have it shipped for an additional fee.

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July 23, 2018






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