Shopbot PRSalpha 96-48 CNC Router (used) Item # UR-10


SKU: UR-10
  • Shopbot  PRSalpha 96-48 CNC Router
  • Size: 4′ x 8′
  • From the seller: “This machine is in good working condition. It was used in a small non-profit company.”

About 10 years old

  • ll Full Size Gantry Tools Include:
    Tough precision linear bearings on the moving gantry and hardened steel rails for the X-axis.
    Reliable rack-and-pinion power transmission on each axis.
    Positional repeatability of +/- .002″.
    Sealed industrial control box.
    Z-zero touch-off plate and XYZ proximity switches.
    Advanced ShopBot developed and ShopBot supported Control System software runs your CNC.
    Bundled with two powerful design programs to create CNC projects.
    Unparalleled support for our user community with forums, production support services, and training classes.
    Runs on open source software.

Price $8,500

Customers can pick this machine up in Florida or have it shipped for an additional fee.


From the manufacturer:

Advanced. Capable. Affordable.

With enough production capability for a three-shift factory, ShopBot PRSalpha tools are our toughest, most sophisticated, gantry-based CNC routers.

Using advanced technology for CNC cutting, drilling, carving and machining, the PRSalpha series tools deliver rapid transit speeds of 1800 inches per minute and cutting speeds of up to 600 inches per minute.

Easy to configure and re-configure, learn and use, the PRSalpha CNC delivers affordable, full-production performance in digital fabrication of wood, plastic, aluminum, and other materials.

Traditional shop-size and larger.
ShopBot builds CNC gantry tools in many sizes to suit the varying needs of manufacturers: 96 x 48


XY Move Speed
(with full cutting force) Variable, max. 600”/min.
Z Move Speed
(with full cutting force) Variable, max. 360”/min.
XY Positioning Speed Variable, max. 1800”/min.
Z Positioning Speed Variable, max. 900”/min.
Step Resolution 0.0005”
Positional Accuracy (no load) +/- 0.003in
Linear Cutting Force Approximately 150 lbs.
X and Y Axis Drive System Rack and Pinion
Z Axis Drive System Rack and Pinion
Input Voltage 110 volt (30 amp); or 220 volt (15 amp) [Single phase, 50-60Hz] VOLTAGE must be specified at time of purchase. The PRSalpha requires a fused disconnect installed by a licensed electrician. Spindle may require 3 phase.

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Condition of Item

Good Working

Date of Initial Listing

February 27, 2019




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