Sign & Picture Frame Shop Equipment Lot (used) Item # SSL-1 (NC)



Sign & Picture Frame Shop Equipment Lot

Great for an additional location or new business venture!

From the seller: “Both machines in this lot are in good working order.”

Total Lot  $9,000

Machines can be purchased individually. See below for pricing:


SSL-1a Fletcher FSC Cutter Price $1,500

From the seller: “This used cutter is in Good Working Condition.”

aluminum sheet cutter
aluminum composite cutter
acrylic cutter
shallow razor cutter
deep razor cutter

Does not have glass cutting head

***From the manufacturer:

Heavy-duty cutter designed with an interchangeable cutting head platform that uses multiple cutting blades, scoring tips and cutting wheel holders. Includes a V-Groove Cutting Tool used with ACM material to allow bending and fabrication techniques. Cutter handles material sheets up to 65” high (1.65m), includes a laser sight line for cutting pre-printed graphics and is equipped with a twin handle cutting head for operator control and dexterity. Mounts on wall or freestanding installation.

Knife cutting blades and cutting wheels are manufactured to Fletcher specification requirements resulting in:

Better life and cutting performance
Blade to blade consistency
The elimination of “blade deflection” when cutting harder substrates

Composites (ACM)

up to 4mm

Aluminum Sheets

up to .063

Corrugated Plastics,
PVC & Foamboard

up to 1/2″

  • Aluminum Composites (ACM) up to 4mm
  • Aluminum Sheets up to .063″
  • Corrugated Plastics up to 1/2″ (13mm)
  • PVC and Foamboard up to 1/2″ (13mm)
  • Acrylics/Plexiglass up to 6mm
  • Glass/Mirrors up to 6mm
  • MDF up to 3/32″ (2.4mm)
  • Metal Cutting for Print to Metal Applications

Horizontal Extrusion: Material loading from left side, equipped with a steel wear strip that is designed to maintain machine squareness over time.
Material Clamping System: Lever-type clamping system that secures in place substrates heights up to 65” (165cm) to prevent buckling and shifting of material during the cutting process.
The clamp system opens 5/8” (1.59cm) preventing damage of a pre-printed ½” (13mm) graphic when loading.
Cutter Head: Equipped with a twin handle feature for cutting control with rigid substrates.


SSL-1b ShopBot PRT Standard CNC Router Price $8,000

From the seller: “This router is in Good Working Condition.”

4g controller with 4’x8′ bed

Windows 7 pro 64 bit computer
Current software and firmware
Porter cable electronic variable speed router
Includes assorted bits
These items can be picked up in North Carolina or shipped for an additional fee.
*** Check with manufacturer for any difference between the machine being sold and what is stated in the manufacturer’s website.
Catalog Item #


Condition of Item

Good Working

Date of Initial Listing

April 15, 2019


North Carolina




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