StepMaster Mitre Nailer Programmable Frame Joiner (used) Item # UFE-3236 (Wisconsin)


SKU: UFE-3236

StepMaster Mitre Nailer Programmable Frame Joiner

This machine is set up to shoot corrugated nails. It is a 2 position machine.

From the seller ” This used programmable Step Master Vnailer / Underpinner is in Good Working Condition. “

Price $ 995

(Replacement list: $6,250)

This item can be picked up in Wisconsin or shipped for an additional fee


The following information is from the Manufacturer’s website:

Driving fasteners in the recesses is a simple operation, and the StepMaster® can drive 1 to 6 fasteners per corner – stacking in either position as required! With the Multi-Shooter option, fasteners can be driven in up to 4 positions. Micro-Corrugated or “V” fasteners used with the StepMaster® produce Strong Tight Corners of matchless strength!

MitreNailer fasteners used with the StepMaster® means secondary finishing operations are unneccesary.  One-step assembly eliminates kerfing, slotting and putty, and results in high production rates exceeding 1000 frames per shift. Computer controlled: The StepMaster® control panel combines easy access for the operator and simplicity of use.


  • Dovetail tool mounting system allows operator to change fastener types in seconds.
  • You can select the best fastener for ever-changing moulding styles.
  • Inserts fasteners in flat or uneven mouldings.
  • Inserts fasteners in moulding recesses.
  • 1 fastener per corner, stacking in either position.
  • Up to 4 3/4″ moulding widths.
  • Fires 2 types of fasteners for different mouldings.
  • Up to 4 1/2″ fastener spacing.
  • Electronic controls with simple user interface.
  • Allows user to change fastener types in less than 1 minute.
  • Using Multi-Shooter option, it can nail in up to four different positions.
  • Drives fasteners into hardest woods.
  • Industrial quality – Designed for heavy repetitive use.
  • Made in U.S.A.

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Condition of Item

Good Working

Date of Initial Listing

May 20, 2019






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