3M-Matic L-Clip Applicator S867, 1/Case (New) Item # NE-071421H


3M-Matic L-Clip Applicator S867, 1/Case

SKU: NE-071421H
Manufacturer: 3M

From the Manufacturer:

3M-Matic L-Clip Applicator S867, 1/Case

  • Applies 4.5” L-Clips of tape to seal non-RSC style boxes
  • No adjustment for box sizes required
  • Placing a box in the application area actuates the mechanism and automatically applies an "L" Clip of tape to the corner of the box
  • Uses filament reinforced tape and transparent reinforced strapping tape (RST)
  • Supports 12 mm to 36 mm tape width capacities
  • Attaches tape at up to 50 clips per minute

3M-Matic L-Clip Applicator S867 applies 4.5” L-clips of Scotch Filament or Reinforced Strapping Tape (RST) at up to 50 clips per minute for sealing non-RSC style boxes. The machine is designed for installation adjacent to a conveyor system or on a stand for off-line systems.


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Dependable Performance Shift after Shift

3M-Matic L-Clip Applicator S867 allows the operator to quickly apply the “L” clip box closure. When a box is inserted into the nest, the product paddle is depressed and the air operating mechanism which applies the “L” clip tape closure is activated causing the “L” clip to be automatically applied to the box corner. The applicator has been designed and tested for use with Scotch filament and strapping tape and supports tape widths of 12 mm to 36 mm tape.

Recommended Applications

Applies 4.5” L-clips of Scotch filament or reinforced strapping tape to non-RSC style boxes at up to 50 clips per minute

Additional Information

- Minimum Box Depth : 2.25" [60 mm]
- Maximum Box Depth : No Limit
- Minimum Box Width : 5" [130 mm]
- Maximum Box Width : No Limit
- Minimum Box Height : 2.25" [60 mm]
- Maximum Box Height : No Limit
- Weight Range : 75 lbs. [34 kg] unpackaged, 83 lbs. [37.7 kg] packaged
- Tape Width : 3/8" - 1 1/2" [9 mm minimum to 36 mm maximum]
- Tape Roll Diameter : up to 15" [380 mm] maximum on a 3" [76.2 mm] diameter core
- Applied tape length : 4.5" [115 mm] (normal). Tape legs are 2.25" ± .125" [55 mm ± 3.2 mm]
- Machine Cycle Time : 1.2 seconds
- Machine Power : 60 to 65 psig [515 kPa - 560 kPa] 2.16 SCFM [3.65 m3/h 21°C, 101 kPa] at a maximum cycle rate
- Machine Length : 31" [790 mm] (includes 360 yard [330 m] tape roll
- Machine Height : 29" [735 mm] (includes 360 yard [330 m] tape roll
- Machine Width : 11" [280 mm]
- Machine Operating Conditions : Use in dry, relatively clean environments at 40°F to 120°F with clean, dry boxes
- Product ID : S867
- Units Per Pallet : 4 Each
- Harmonizing Code : 8422309186

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