Advent Model 300 Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machine (New) Item # NE-041020D


Advent Model 300 Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machine

SKU: NE-041020D
Manufacturer: D&K Group

From the Manufacturer:

The Advent Model 300 Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machine is unique when compared to other semi-automatic P-S labelers.


With its ingenious design, air pressure and an electronic photo-eye are not require in its operation. This allows the 300 to increase the labeling speed.


The Advent 300 can label up to 10,000 containers in 8-hours and applies labels to all types of round containers: metal, plastic and glass.


Applies labels to round containers from one ounce to one gallon.

Labels 20 to 30 containers per minute.

Fast container size change with no change of parts necessary.

Machine stand with casters.

Two-Year Limited Warranty.


About this Item

Features & Specifications


- Container Diameter: Min: 3/4" OD Max: 12" OD (1.90 cm. to 30.48 cm.)
- Label Size Min: 3/4"W x 1"L (1.90 cm. by 2.54 cm.)
- Label Size Max: 8"W x 20"L (20.32 cm. by 50.8 cm.)?

- Machine size: 20"W x 26"L x 36"H (50 cm. by 66 cm. by 91 cm.)
- Electrical: 110 v, 60 Hertz standard 220 volt available.

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