Advent Model AMT Automatic Tab Laminator & Die Cutting Machine (used) Item # UE-090820B (Georgia)
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Advent Model AMT Automatic Tab Laminator & Die Cutting Machine (used) Item # UE-090820B (Georgia)
Advent Model AMT Automatic Tab Laminator & Die Cutting Machine (used) Item # UE-090820B (Georgia)
Advent Model AMT Automatic Tab Laminator & Die Cutting Machine (used) Item # UE-090820B (Georgia)


Advent Model AMT Automatic Tab Laminator & Die Cutting Machine

SKU: UE-090820B
Date listed: September 8, 2020

From the seller: "This machine is in good working order."


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    From the manufacturer & web:

    The Advent AMT MINI-TABBER is a fully automatic friction-fed machine that laminates and tab-cuts automatically in one operation. Produces up to 3,500 sheets per hour with laminated tabs and 4,000 sheets per hour with die cut only tabs in the 9?X11? format. This machine includes one set of standard 1/2? tab dies. Other tab dies, including 1/4?, 3/8? or non-standard extensions can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Also included is an operation & parts manual and instructional DVD.

    Computerized control of all machine functions
    Simple dual platen design, in lieu of a dozen of heated rollers, thus permitting versatility to produce ?special? jobs of gloss or coated stocks and quick turnover for full bodied print jobs. The dual platen design features an upper and lower heater with fully automatic temperature control. The platens provide for self-adjustment and alignment for all types of thickenss of stock, hence reducing setup times from job to job.
    Friction Feeder (non scuffing)
    Superior ?tool steel quality? dies insuring longer life and minimizing frequency of sharpening
    Operator Interface Control Pad
    Batch Counter
    Bypass feature for tabbing (die cutting) without laminating or laminating without die cutting.

    Model: AMT
    Serial: 1125
    Sheet size:
    Maximum: 9? x 11?
    Minimum: 6? x 7?
    Sheet weight: 32 lbs. to pressboard
    Tab extensions: 1/2? Ext. Std. Other height optional
    Tab length: 7/16? to 5 1/2?
    Lamination length: 1? to 5 1/2?
    Cycling rate: 4000 cph at 9? x 11? format
    Power: 115 vac. 15A
    Weight: 400 lbs. approximately
    Floor space: 60? x 96? x 44? High

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