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AGL 6400 Laminator (used) Item # IPE-202
AGL 6400 Laminator (used) Item # IPE-202
AGL 6400 Laminator (used) Item # IPE-202
AGL 6400 Laminator (used) Item # IPE-202


AGL 6400 Laminator

SKU: IPE-202

AGL 6400 Laminator

From the seller: "This used AGL Laminator is in Very Good Condition."

Manufactured in 2005

Manufacturer's Info:
AGL 6400?Laminates and mounts a 62" wide maximum thermal or pressure sensitive film and features pneumatically actuated nip roller and pull roll assemblies. Main supply rolls are equipped with a pneumatic clutch / brake assembly. This feature allows precise and repeatable film tension control as well as bi-directional unwind / rewind capabilities.
0 - 20 FPM operating speeds mechanical and photoelectric emergency stops.
12.5" diameter capacity heavy-duty cantilevered unwind stations and 8" diameter pneumatically actuated nip roller assembly.
Technical Data:
62" wide laminator with 12" pressure rolls.
320 degree top pressure roller
320 degree bottom pressure roller
Maximum mounting thickness 2.38"
Web Cooling
Rubber covered web pulling
0 - 20 FM operating speed
60 amps at 220 volt, single phase
Overall Dimensions:
Overall Width 89"
Max. Depth 53"
Max. Height 58"
Weight 2,660 lbs.

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