American Two Sided Glass Loader 96120-2 Non Traversing (New) Item # AG-101250


American Two Sided Glass Loader 96120-2 Non Traversing

SKU: AG-101250
Manufacturer: American


About this Item

Features & Specifications

Mechanical Characteristics:
-Mn bridge steel (Q345A), perfect surface treatment
-High quality vacuum system, fast suction speed and high stability
-One key original reset function, for improving work efficiency
-Trouble alarm system and safety alarm system
-Four-bar linkage glass lift structure
-High density PU material glass conveyor wheel
-Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber suction disc
-40CBM/hour vacuum pump
-Enclosed wire and air pipe set

Technical Information:
-Tilt and suction: tilt angle adjustable, 1/8" -3/4" glass sheet auto-suction, suction depth 29 1/2"
-Chain conveyor after glass suction
-Both auto and manual modes
-Auto alarm system and emergency button to make sure the operation is safe
-Touch screen operation
-Glass sheet quantity and station position auto set
-Loading sequence: move-arm tilt up-glass sheet sense-glass sheet vacuum suction-move back-arm tilt
flat-glass transmit to cutting table

Additional Information

Technical Specifications:
Model: SP-96120-2
Maximum Glass Size: 96" x 120"
Thickness: 1/8" – 3/4"
Overall Dimensions: 197" x 112" x 35"
Power: 10.5 HP
Air Pressure: .6 - .8MPa

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