AMP Miter Disc Sander (New) Item # FT-107010


AMP Miter Disc Sander

SKU: FT-107010
Manufacturer: AMP

Fletcher ITW AMP / Alphamacchine Miter / Mitre Mitre-Mite Disc Sander

A precision sanding tool for the Custom Framer. With this tool, you can accurately true a corner by simply rotating the 12" sanding disc against the miter cut. This allows for perfect corners when joining and therefore a quality frame every time.

From the Manufacturer:

Our Disc Sander is the perfect tool to true up rough cuts, angle corrections, and length variances on moulding corners. It ensures perfect alignment with every joined corner.

Simply rotate the 12-inch sanding disc manually against the miter cut, creating perfect corners. The Disc Sander comes with a 45-degree template for accurate setting, three sanding disks, a cleaning stick, and a set of Allen wrenches.

The base of the Disc Sander includes mounting holes that allows the unit to be secured to any work table for added rigidity.

The Disc Sander weights 40 lbs. (18 kg) and measures 12x12x4 (305mmx305mmx102mm) table-top foot print.

It is an indispensable shop tool and provides a higher level of quality and craftsmanship in your finished product.


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