Auto PAC 300 Side Seal Machine (New) Item # ST-101090


Auto PAC 300 Side Seal Machine

SKU: ST-101090
Manufacturer: PAC

The Auto PAC 300 Side Seal may be used as a stand alone unit with an optional roller table, or in-line with a split conveyor system. It is extremely effective when the strapping application needs to be close to the floor. In addition, the side mounted strapping head keeps dirt, dust and moisture from the product away from the strapping head. The Auto PAC 300 Side Seal is activated manually or by foot switch. The Auto PAC 300 Side Seal is also available in a fully automatic version. The fully automatic version is equipped with a power conveying system and is activated by a photocell, or it can be interfaced with an existing conveyor system. Standard features on the Auto PAC 300 Side Seal include:
Lubrication Free Strapping Head
The strapping head never needs lubrication.
Auto Feeding
Loading strap is automatic, activated by pressing the reset switch.
Jam Free Automatic Re-Feeding
In the event of any feeding problems, the strap is automatically re-fed into the strapping head, and the machine returns to the ready position.
Loop Ejection
Missed straps are automatically ejected from the machine, and the Auto PAC 300 Side Seal re-sets itself.
End of Strap Sensor
If the coil does not have enough strap to complete the cycle, the Auto PAC 300 Side Seal ejects the short piece, and the machine is immediately ready for a new coil.
Electronic Tension
Tension is controlled electronically, yielding consistent tension.
Improved Speed
Up to 30 cycles per minute.
CE Certified
Dimensions: 56.3"W x 25.2"D x 68.1"H
Strapping Head Height: 25.5
Package Size: Minimum- 5"H x 1 1/4"W Maximum- Depends on arch size (See chart for available sizes)
Weight: 550 lbs.
Tension Range: 15 – 150 lbs.
Speed: 30 cycles per minute
Strap Size: 3/8" (9mm) – 1/2" (12mm)
Core Size: 8×8, 9×8
Power Requirements: 220V, 3-phase 50/60 Hz


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