Biesse Roxyl 6.0 Edgebander, Edgebanding Machinery
Biesse Roxyl 6.0 Edgebander (used) Item # UE-042022C (North Carolina)


Biesse Roxyl 6.0 Edgebander

SKU: UE-042022C
Manufacturer: Biesse
Date listed: April 20, 2022

From the seller: "This machine only has 3,120 working hours."
Elect./Voltage: 400 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Manufacture Year: 2015
Includes a transformer to be able to run at 480 Volt

UE-042022C - 012347

From the manufacturer:
Latest Technology combines productivity, efficiency, and flexibility for all types of edgebanding material. "AirForce" emits high temperature compressed air through a slot nozzle directly onto the reactive layer of laser banding. That layer is activated and bonds the banding to the panel fibers.

This technology allows changes based on banding colors without any setup. Environmentally friendly providing a "clean - green" technology that eliminates glue and fumes, which becomes timely & important now that "AirForce" can use PVC.

In addition, it features a conventional EVA (Hot Melt) Gluing System to cover the full range of edgebanding processes in use today!


Edgebanding Capacity: Edge thickess for strips min./max. 0.4 - 22 mm (0.02" - 0.87"), coiled material from 0.4 - 3 mm (0.02 - 0.12"); panel thickness from 10 - 60 mm (0.39 - 2.36"), workpiece width min. of 85 mm (3.34"); workpiece length min. 140 mm (5.51"); feed speeds 10 - 14 - 18 - 20 MPM (33 - 46 - 59 - 65 FPM).

Machine Controls: "Roxyl-Matic" Automated machine setup, MS/Windows XP Operating System, floppy drive, and 4 GB HD; USB port, keyboard, and mouse interface.

Flat Screen (17") with color graphics interface: Programs can be easily created and recalled at will; Graphic interface makes programming easy, icon of each unit may be brought up on the screen to show the operator the status of the unit and the parameters, which can be programmed; Edgebander may be operated manually when required, without the necessity to write a program.

Machine In-Feed Configuration:

Pre-Milling Station "FL-502": (2) LH & RH Rotating NC controlled spindles with automatic center positioning.

Edge Magazine: Automatic for processing coiled and strip edgebanding material + a (2) position vertical Coil Magazine Cart.

Pressure Section: Servo controlled programmable pressure section with (1) large driven roller and (4) idle rollers.

Gluing System:

EVA (Hot Melt) "QM-705": Quick premelting granulate with glue roller applicator to cover conventional edgebanding material.

Air Force "VC-710": High pressure, hot air system to reactivate special precoated edgematerial (commonly referred to as laser edge).

• End Trimming Unit "IT90-S": Front & rear trimming motors, uni-point swivel 0° - 15° bevel, programmable pneumatic change-over from flush to bevel.
• Rough/Flush Trimming Unit "RS-100": Top/Bottom pre- or flush trimming motors
• Flush/Bevel/Radius Combination Trimming Unit "RF-400": Servo controlled, (4) Servo motors (one for horizontal tool position, one for tool up/down position); using combination bevel/radius/flush insert knives; pre-postioning of motors by pneumatic air cylinders.
• Anti-Adhesive "ADZ-700" Automatic Spray Unit with: Glue release agent preventing glue to adhere to workpiece's surfaces.
• Corner Rounding Unit "CR-202": (2) Motors for front/back corner and upper & lower edge profiling.
• Profile Scraping Unit "RBK-503": Top/Bottom 2-axis NC programmable knife postioning (i.e. 2 - 3 mm radius) for PVC edges.
• Glue Scraping Unit "RCC-701": Flat, top/bottom, digital positioning indicators, pneumatic controlled for in/out position.
• Clean Spray Unit: Top/Bottom cleaning agent spray nozzles.
• Buffing Station "SP-501": Top & Bottom buffing motors with 150 mm ( 6") cloth buffing wheel diameter; adjusts in multiple directions.

Complete with:
• Top Pressure Beam with driven flat belt and programmable height positioning. - Multi-Tap Transformer - Sound Hoods with interior lights - Outboard panel support - Original factory machine documentation.

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