Brevetti AUT 2112 Joiner / Vnailer / Underpinner (New w/ Waranty) Item # TM-101000


Brevetti AUT 2112 Joiner / Vnailer / Underpinner

SKU: TM-101000
Manufacturer: Brevetti


About this Item

Features & Specifications

- Electro-pneumatic back nailer for the assembly of any shape and kind of frames either square, hexagonal, octagonal and dodecagonal (12 sided).
- The machine automatically glues, presses, and staples.
- The machine is supplied (3) versions (to be specified at the time of order).
- For stapling in "soft woods" the VC coil staples are used, and for hard wood and man made wood such as MDF you would use the "NR" coils.
- The three stapling units are interchangeable on the same machine. (Eliminating the need to purchase (3) different machines).
- The staples are available in different sizes, according to the height of the mouldings.
- It is possible to insert staples automatically in up to 10 different pre-set positions along the base of the moulding, to stack up to 4 staples in each position and to store the different working programs.
- The PLC operator control panel is easy to use in selecting or modifying the working program and to check all machine functions.
- The machine is capable of joining mouldings from 10 mm in width and 6 mm in height up to 120 mm in width and 65 mm in height.
- Equipped with automatic gluer for Hot Melt or Cold Glue.

- Maximum Width: 65 mm (2 1/2")
- Minimum Width: (3/8")
- Maximum Height: 65 mm (2 1/2")
- Minimum Height: 6 mm (1/4")
- Hold Downs: Two (2)
- Staple Types: NR, VR, VM, VC
- Operation: Pneumatic (foot pedal)
- Air Requirement: 6 Bar (90 psi)

Electrical Requirements: 220 V, 60 cy, 1 Ph.

Dimensions and Weight:
48" L 32" W 60" H
425 lbs.

Additional Information

Programmable Pneumatic Frame Joiner w/ Automatic Gluer
Automatic gluer for hot melt glue and for vinyl glue
loader for staples type PV or NP (depending on your needs, interchangeable)

Automatic device to set staples up to 10 different positions (adjustable)
Working cycle completely automatic
Selectors to set from 1 to 4 staples (one behind the other) in each preset position
Automatic horizontal clamp
Adjustable fence
Fence to be set at 45 - 30 – 22.5 - 15
Safety shield
Air-oil filter
Adjustable glue blade stroke
Rotating cylinder and glue blade to facilitate cleaning

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