Used Brevetti C16 Production Double Miter Saw, Buy Sell Pre Owned Framing Equipment
Brevetti C16 Production Double Miter Saw (Used) SKU # UFE-3055 (NY)
Brevetti C16 Production Double Miter Saw (Used) SKU # UFE-3055 (NY)
Brevetti C16 Production Double Miter Saw (Used) SKU # UFE-3055 (NY)
Brevetti C16 Production Double Miter Saw (Used) SKU # UFE-3055 (NY)


Brevetti C16 Production Double Miter Saw

SKU: UFE-3055
Manufacturer: Brevetti

From the seller: "This used Brevetti C-16 is in good working order. We bought this new in 1999 / 2000."

Includes extra sets of blades and manual.

Price? ?$4,995

*** Manufacturer's Description:

Double Miter saw with vertical pneumatic stroke for "V-Cutting" both ends at 45??simultaneously. Will accept saw blades from 11-3/4" - 13-3/4" with a bore size of 1-1/4".?The C-16 is designed for speed and smoothness in operation.


Double Miters

Vertical Cutting Stroke

Fully automated operation vertical cutting stroke

45 degree direct measuring scale, with duel production stops

Adjustable pneumatic speed control

Full visibility while cutting

Molding support arms


  • Exhaust outlets: 2 X 3-15/16"
  • Blade Cap: 11-3/4"-13-3/4? W/ 1-1/4" Bore
  • Compressed Air: 6 bars consumption 11ni/cycle and about 300ni/min
  • 700-800 cuts per hour
*** Manufacturer?s Information:
Brevetti Double Miter Saw

Model: C 16

220V, 60 Cy, 3 Phase
(2) 2 HP Motors
Belt Driven to Saw Arbors
Max. Diameter of Saw Blades: 13-3/4? (350mm)
32mm Bore
108 Tooth
3-1/2? W x 4? High Max. Cutting Capacity
(2) Fully Adjustable Pneumatic Holddown Clamps
Vertical Travel of Saws on (3) 39-3/8? Steel Colomns
(1) Left, (2) Right; Downstroke Speed Adjustable
Infeed Table and Outfeed Table with Rule Gauge and (3) stops
Fence Adjustable by Hand Wheel to Minimize Waste from Different Stock Widths
Production Rate from (800-1000) cuts/Hr (Varies with Operator and Moulding Dimensions)
(2) Motor and Blade Assemblies are Fixed at 45 Degrees.
Weight: 1,000 lbs
Dimensions: 48? L x 30? W x 60? H


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Price: $4,995.00

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